Preparations for the opening of the Syrian front in full swing

Preparations for the opening of the Syrian front in full swing

Moscow seems to give way in the event of strengthening the conflict in Syria. Thus, the Special Presidential Envoy for Africa Mikhail Margelov has to meet with representatives of the Syrian opposition, which is opposed to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. According to Mikhail Margelov, the meeting should be held, most recently in Moscow.

Although previously Moscow aggressively opposed intervention in Syria: June 9, the official dealer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Lukashevich said that our homeland will not support the resolution made to the UN on Syria. Criticized the possible sanctions against Syria invariable representative of the Russian Federation to the UN Churkin. Earlier president Dmitry Medvedev, at a conference in Skolkovo, said: "The resolution on Syria. I will not support such a resolution, even if I will be asking about it, my friends and comrades. Why? Since resolution 1970, 1973 were in fact if read strictly, trampled by the actions that have been committed by some states. "

Reference: Unrest in Syria, training, Web, its social network, started in February 2011. In the middle of March there were rallies in the capital — Damascus, the 18th unrest began in the town of Deraa, a pogrom of state institutions and the first victims. March 24, the people were promised reform was eventually appointed a new prime minister — Adel Safar, a new government on April 20, the country abolished the state of emergency in force in Syria for 48 years. But the policy of reform and "indulgences" has not justified, the situation is constantly complicated, unknown militants killed sniper soldier, police officers, there were riots in the new towns. In the end, had to "screw nuts" started "counter-terrorist operation", "cleaning". Western pressure is widening, introduced U.S. and EU sanctions against Assad and a number of high-ranking officials of the country. There is a information-psychological warfare to which Assad and his regime declared "anti-human."

The information war against Syria

The Western media and politicians in his own estimation al-Assad and his regime is practically the same stereotypes against Gaddafi, Milosevic, Mladic and other victims of the Western world, who dared to bend the line.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of France Alain Juppe accused the Syrian president in the massacres in the terrain of the country, comparing Assad with Gaddafi. Paris and London prepared and resolution on Syria, its support Washington. It is not that hard. As was on Libya — it demands start democratic reforms, release political prisoners and lift the restrictions on the Web and to start cooperation with UN human rights bodies. But it is clear that this is only the first step, and interference in the internal affairs of Syria. If Damascus does not comply with them, the pressure will be enhanced, perhaps, right up to the military operation.

So, the French Minister Juppe (curiously, as soon grew angry Paris, he knocked straight into the first ranks of the aggressors) Assad "has lost legitimacy" and can no longer serve as President of Syria. However, the resolution on Syria would be more difficult to accept because Russia has threatened: According to the French Minister of the Russian Federation's veto could undermine the efforts of the West, and this will mean that it "will take responsibility for the situation in Syria."

Still June 1 ministry of foreign Affairs of Australia stated that Assad can stand before the international tribunal on charges of human rights violations. At the current time, this position was supported by Paris. In addition, the Syrian opposition and Western media have accused Damascus in a terrible provocation — the murder of 120 police officers (their squad killed on days of "unknown"). According to their view, the police wanted to join the rebels in the town of Jisr al-Shogura and shot them loyal to Assad forces and accused the "insurgents." In other words, the situation in Syria is heating up. When the die 10s army officers and law enforcement forces — it is practically a war. Damascus off yet another "anti-terrorist operation" — the city surrounded and entered languid armored vehicles. According to opinion, an official of Damascus, in the massacre which killed 120 people, blamed militants who came from the country of Turkey, armed with machine guns, grenade launchers, possibly Kurds.

Curiously, it was announced that Ankara is ready to hold its military action against Syria. The aim would be to prevent the likely operation of the huge influx of refugees into Turkey and the creation of a "zone of safety". Thus, Ankara may respond to the escalating civilian war in Syria. We are talking about the invasion of northern Syria, where Kurds live, such an operation is carried out in Ankara against Iraq. Another first in April, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the subsequent: "For Turkey, the Kurds are a great danger, living in Syria. If President Bashar Assad to resign, the 1.4 million Syrian Kurds, along with 15 million in Turkey, 7,000,000 in Iran and 6,000,000 in the north of Iraq, can rise up and make a claim for the joint development of the country's Kurdish self-contained. "

Western media have accused Damascus and in the events on the Israeli-Syrian border, on June 5, when the soldiers of the Israeli army shot dead trying to break into Israel for Palestinian demonstrators. Say, with demonstrations of Palestinians-Arabs dedicated to the anniversary of the Six-Day War in 1967, B. Assad wanted to divert public attention from the uprising in Syria.

All this suggests that after the removal of Gaddafi, and judging by the increased bombing of Tripoli, the message that the UN resolution allows you to destroy it, is long when it will relieve, Syria and Assad will be followed by a list of emergency "democratization" of states.

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