Prepare Buran (snowmobile) in the summer …

July 14, p. Yantikovo (Chuvash Republic) opened sports complex "Al." 23rd in a row FGC in Chuvashia (activities of the Federal Target Program "Development of physical culture and sports in the Russian Federation for 2006-2015").
Head of the Republic gave the Director of FGC:

"What do you do in the summer with a snowmobile?" — To become thoughtful Yantikovo.


Do not look at Yantikovo report Chuvash TV:


Cheboksary ekstremaly made an unusual water voyage. Members of the club "Extreme" decided not to ride on the Volga River on boats or jet skis and ride snowmobiles. What came out of it, watching Dmitry Sharov.Narodnuyu proverb, "Prepare sleighs in summer, and the cart — in the winter," many extreme athletes, apparently, taken literally. Athletes Cheboksary club "Extreme" decided to cross the Volga River on four snowmobiles. Launch site chosen in advance, the machine was moved to the left bank of the river. How to assure extreme athletes, this is the first mass arrival. Lubomir Leontiev, organizer of the rally, the head of the club "Extreme": "According to Google and Yandex punched: while swims across the Volga was not. We want to demonstrate that the snowmobile is not only perfectly walks on water, but also can move a channel as Mother Volga. " Such walks on water, there are nuances. Anyone can become a hindrance pleasure boat or ship. Therefore, any obstacles on the way should not be. A role played by the weather. Lubomir Leontiev: "The weather every five minutes peruse. There may be waves, as they say, "sheep", you can dive in and fill the engine with water. " When you are ready to start, carried by the roar of the engine. The spectacle of bright — almost snowmobile glides through the water. Volga is a car crosses three minutes at a speed of about 70 kilometers per hour. The main thing — do not throttle back and gently rotated. The runners are hardly touched water, snowmobile based on caterpillar. In order not to interfere with each other athletes remotely started at intervals of several minutes. Thoughtful and security issues. Dmitry Nikolaev, a member of the club "Extreme": "Front and rear cameras inflated to keep it afloat, if it does go down. We buoys on each snowmobile, twenty-meter cord, so that we can find, in what place it is. "

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