Preparing for the defense

Over the last couple of days there have been several key events to be related to the defense of the country. Remember one of the most popular myths, so lovingly cultivated by liberal media in the media space? Army collapsed, soldiers running, it’s time to join NATO. Indeed, during that liberal powerlessness that happened in Russia in the 90’s, as a reflection of the worst human qualities, in order to enrich themselves dishonest generals were selling something that is not theirs. But in the new century, things began to change. Not to wave a magic wand, of course, but the results we now discuss.


November 10, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin visited Severodvinsk. For what purpose? Contracts were signed for the construction of the fleet in the amount of 280 billion rubles. If you look for years, then we obtain the following figures.

85 billion rubles for 2011
93 billion rubles for 2012

4.5 trillion. rubles to a total of 2020

Feel growth? This is an unprecedented amount. The price of our safety with you. From who? Putin is well aware of what inadvertently hints russophobe-Senator McCain. He says that Putin restless sleep? Receives back the news: "The Russian Federation will increase the number of submarines in the North path." Why in this region?

Let us recall for a moment one episode of "historical process", the theme of relations with the West. And compatible card "North Road" and the American plan of attack on Russia.


The presence of the fleet, and especially modern submarines of the fourth generation, provides protection from the Russian North in the event of aggression from the West.

Until the end of this year, the service is the first of a new generation of submarine "Yury Dolgoruky", and in the next year — "Alexander Nevsky".

Both belong to the submarine project 955 "Borey". I remind you that these submarines are capable of
The latest launch intercontinental missile "Bulava".


More recently, the next launch is successful, "Mace" from "Yury Dolgoruky". Of course, the "independent" media, as usual, trumpeting about was that they want to see (thousands shortcomings!). Best intentions.

The cost of one submarine of project 955 "Borey" is about 23 billion rubles.

I dare say that the construction of the "Alexander Nevsky" was launched in 2004 and it was launched — in 2010th. While the ship was being tested. Now imagine how much expertise and resources required to produce one such ship. In the six years. And the conclusions on the work of our defense do yourself.

The second most important news is the increase in allowance the military. The lieutenant will receive from 50,000 rubles, a lieutenant colonel — from 75000 rubles, Major General — more than 90,000 rubles. The soldier must not only love their homeland, but also to eat well and feed the family. Such wages will be an excellent tool for the soldier to strengthen the army.

I recall that in 2020 planned to spend 20 trillion for the defense. rubles (of which $ 4.5 trillion. — in the navy). Let’s not $ 636 billion for military spending per year, but we do not maintain 120 military bases around the world, playing in the world’s policeman.

I hope that by strengthening our position in the defense of the country in the next few uluchatsya scheme.


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