Preparing strike on Iran

Preparing strike on IranNotable edition of "Wall Street Journal" said that the record in its scope armory deal between the United States and Saudi Arabia has gained in the end shape.

Announced by the amount of the transaction is amazing — the Saudis will get different weapons by 60 billion dollars. For comparison: according to the agreement between Jerusalem and Washington, the amount of U.S. military aid to Israel are "only" 30 billion dollars over 10 years. A major reason of concern the administration in favor of this deal will be the fact that due to it will be created and saved 75 thousand workers locations.

Upon completion of delivery, that will take more than a year, and already very decently kitted Saudi Air Force will make a high-quality leap forward. First turn it should be noted the purchase of 84 fighter jets F-15, also deep modernization of another 70 aircraft of this type were already in service. According to information from sources acquaintance, these aircraft will be, apart from anything else installed radar with an active phased array (AESA), which will greatly enhance their military capabilities.

The list of purchases 70 attack helicopter AH-64D Apache Longbow, 72 military transport UH-60 Black Hawk and 36 machines of the Defender. Apart from the fact platforms, Riyadh will buy in the U.S. a huge amount of weapons and spare parts for aircraft and helicopters. The deal also includes service equipment, training of local staff and the purchase of different simulators.

Apparently, at that Saudi Arabia does not stop. Last talks with the U.S. on the acquisition of various missile systems, air defense priemuschestvenno also forthcoming modernization of the Air Force. In this case, referring to the amount of 30 billion dollars. Do not stop Riyadh purchase the most modern armament and in Europe, and from time to time in the media there are reports that the Saudis are interested by some Russian systems.

A similar situation can not but cause deep concern in Jerusalem, although in the past the role of Saudi Arabia in the wars with Israel was of a symbolic nature. Recently, very petty, collision 2-armies took place on the Golan Heights in 1973, during the War of day or judgment, but it is impossible to know what the future holds. In the event of aggravation tremendous high-quality and quantitative potential of the first Saudi Air Force carries within itself a great danger.

The upcoming deal for no one was lurking. Moreover, we can say that it went to Obama inherited from the previous administration. In general terms, with the Saudis contracted with everything else George W. Bush. In this regard, Israel has used the allotted time off. Jerusalem struggled trying to prevent the sale to Riyadh of certain systems, which in Israel is considered more unsafe. First turn refers to the distant range precision weapons act. Defense Minister Ehud Barak during all contact with his South American officer Robert Gates or National Security Adviser James Jones endured the Saudi deal to day or agenda. We considered this issue and during meetings of Benjamin Netanyahu and Barack Obama in Washington. What are the fruits of these efforts now — is unclear. In any case, certain agreements reached with Washington. Some of Saudi Arabia still will not get to some of Israel will have the right "first purchase", and some — even the exclusive right.

A good example of the dignity of the neighbors (although it is unclear how long this will last) is nedavneshnee decision to acquire for our Air Force fighter 20 fifth-generation F-35. First, low radar signature makes this machine even an advantage over new F-15 very severe.
In general, it could be worse. In any case, in light of the growing danger of the Iranian warn sell a large batch of modern weapons the coming Arab U.S. ally Israel had no power. Assurances that the instrument is in primarily will be focused on Tehran, can serve as a kind of consolation, but who knows how things go in the next.

By the way, before Israel has tried to reduce the potential danger from Saudi Arabia. As a result of pressure exerted by the Yankees from the Saudis claimed they did not have their F-15 at an air base Taabuk, located relatively far from Eilat, and Riyadh has given his consent. Apart from anything else, Israel has always feared that one day a Saudi pilot one of these machines under the influence of Islamic extremists suddenly decides to commit suicide attacks, and Israel to hand feed. Is alarming, and the fact that the Saudi side had broken an agreement concerning the above airbase: F-15 times in Taabuke still based.

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