Preparing to test amphibious ship Puffin-24 in Yakutia


In May 2013 in Yakutia will be conducted test trials of a new amphibious ship "Petrel-24" — representative of the family of WIG. Moscow’s engineers have designed and built a new high-speed superpodemny winged amphibious.

As the head of Water Transport Ministry of Transport of the Republic Viktor Potylitsyn, the vessel will be tested on the Lena River in the 600-kilometer line Yakutsk Olekminsk. It is assumed that in the future such vessels, is a cross between a steamer and the aircraft will replace in Yakutia on high-speed passenger lines usual "Rocket" and "Meteora".

"These ships are three modes of transportation. At a speed of 30 kilometers per hour amphibious floats on the water like a regular boat. At 120 kilometers per hour boat starts planing, reducing contact with the water. And at the speed of 240 kilometers per hour rises above the water, due to the effect "screen." In this mode, it is much more efficient than conventional ships ", — said Victor Potylitsyn.
According to him, amphibious ships require berthing infrastructure and can operate year-round, because they consist of ice-composites. In the future, how to create based on this technology platform truck with a load capacity 200-1000 tons.

WIG will be built and purchased in the frames of the target program for the organization of high-speed passenger lines in Yakutia, designed for 2012 — 2016 years. "Thunderbirds" designed to carry 24 passengers or 3.5 tons of cargo.

2016 issues are resolved control high-speed vessels, passenger rail development, testing, certification, and the organization of the assembly of the amphibious ships in the Republic of Sakha.

Ltd. "The Sky + Sea" — A company engaged in the development, construction and repair of ships, as well as the production of aircraft, including space, and their components. The manufacturer assures that with "savages" in Yakutia will be provided year-round navigation.


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