Prepreg-SKM has mastered the production of new products from carbon fiber

The carbon unidirectional tape FibARM Tape

The Project Company "RUSNANO" "Prepreg-SKM", Part of the holding structure" Composite ", has launched two new products — a broad carbon unidirectional tape FibARM Tape 530/600 and a narrow one-way tape FibARM Tape 530/150.

Both types of carbon cloth suitable for use in the building industry.

Until recently, the JSC "Prepreg-SKM" standard line produced carbon fabrics, width of 300 mm. However, this product could not fully provide all the needs of the market. In the end, it was decided to issue the new values of carbon tape.

Unidirectional tape FibARM Tape 530/600 is specifically designed to strengthen the columns. "We conducted an analysis of customer needs and have come to the conclusion that to reinforce columns, broadband or harbored strengthening plates with grid-scale fracturing, as well as structures with high requirements for shovnosti gain work with the standard belt width of 300 mm is not very convenient. Therefore, we have decided to release a wider tape density 530 g / sq. m ", — said head of new product development in the construction of the holding company "Composite" Tatiana Lyagusha.

The second new product — a unidirectional tape FibARM Tape 530/150. It is designed to enhance the ribbed slabs, beams, T-beams bridge spans the width of the small ribs, beam elements frame structures, farms, etc. "Experience has shown that carbon tape width of 300 mm for the amplification of individual objects have to be cut in half. To avoid this, for the convenience of customers, we have released a tape width of 150 mm ", — said T. Lyagusha.

"I am confident that the use of new products will significantly increase the performance of repair work carried out by our consumers", — said Director of Business Development Holding Company "Composite" Mikhail Stolyarov.

Light and strong carbon ribbon FibARM Tape along with a new two-component epoxy FibARM Resin 230 is a component of the external reinforcement FibARM (NEA) designed to enhance the buildings.

"Experience with the NEA at strengthening structures shows that this technology allows to work in a period of 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the volume, and the cost of work on average 20-50% less than the cost of traditional methods of repair work / gain. In addition, the technology can increase the carrying capacity of beams, floors, foundations and other structural elements of 2-4 times, and the turnaround time — up to 30 years ", — Stolyarov said.

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