Prepregs — winners of Innovation in construction

 Company "Prepreg — Advanced Composite Materials" was among the winners of the contest "Innovation in Construction", which was held under the auspices of the Committee for the construction of the St. Petersburg administration. As the winner company "Prepreg-SKM" won bragging rights to present their projects in the construction of the week and show BalticBuild, which is taking place these days in St. Petersburg.

The company introduced advanced technology to the competition for the repair and strengthening of building structures — The reinforcement system of carbon ribbons FibARM.

The ceremony of awarding the winners of the contest "Innovation in Construction" was held on 11 September in the city on the Neva River in the building of the Property Fund of St. Petersburg. Opening the ceremony, Chairman of the Construction Committee of the Government of St. Petersburg Vyacheslav Semenenko said that the committee has made a lot of efforts to promote innovative products. "Innovation in construction is very important," — he said.

"We are grateful to the organizers of the contest for the opportunity to present our technology. Particularly pleased that the competition was held with the participation of the Construction Committee of St. Petersburg — told the head of new product development in the construction of the holding company" Composite "Tatiana Lyagusha during the award ceremony. Hopefully that victory will allow tens and hundreds of our customers in the North West to save money and time to carry out repair and strengthening of buildings. very much hope that this award will bring us recognition in other parts of Russia — not such open to new technologies such as St. Petersburg. We are delighted that St. Petersburg is usually cut through the window all new. "

The competition has been held for seven consecutive years. This year it was attended by a record number of companies the innovation sector. There was a total 67 applications. The organizers of the event were the Construction Committee of St. Petersburg Government and the company PRIMEXPO.

"Prepreg-SKM", part of the structure of the holding company "Composite", which manages assets of Rosatom and RUSNANO, was recognized as one of the best in the category "Innovative materials and technologies in construction." The company introduced advanced technology to the competition — The reinforcement system of carbon ribbons FibARM for the repair and restoration of buildings and structures, including those that have architectural value, which is especially important for the cultural capital of Russia.

The reinforcement system of carbon ribbons FibARM designed to repair and strengthen the construction of structures to eliminate the consequences of the destruction of concrete and corrosion of reinforcement. This technology allows to work in a period of 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the volume. In this case, the cost of work on average 40% less than the cost of using traditional methods of repair or reinforcement. This technology can increase the carrying capacity of beams, floors, foundations and other structural elements of 2-4 times, and the turnaround time of 30 years.

The first experience with systems external reinforcement in St. Petersburg was quite successful. The technology has been used to enhance the carrying capacity of the columns in the modern public and business complex of St. Petersburg "Neva Hall." During construction work on the project has not received concrete design strength. Demolition of the columns was not possible because of the add-in in three floors. Preference is given to a system of external reinforcement. The project has been used products of JSC "Prepreg-SKM": fabric FibARM Tape 530 and 230, and a binder FibARM Resin 230. Currently discussed the possibility of using external reinforcement systems for the reconstruction of the architectural monument — the Roundhouse building in St. Petersburg.

The Project Company "RUSNANO" Company "Prepreg-SKM", is a holding company "Composite", created for the purpose of forming composite materials market in Russia in 2009. Vertically integrated holding company in addition to "Prepreg-SKM" are enterprises of the State Corporation "Rosatom" for the production of high-strength and high-modulus carbon fiber — LLC "Argon", LLC "ZUKM." As well as plant polyacrylonitrile fiber "Company" Composite Fiber. " CJSC "Prepreg-SKM" is engaged in manufacturing of fabrics from carbon fiber and high-quality prepregs. These materials are used in the aircraft industry, construction, automobile, shipbuilding, etc. Among the challenges facing the holding company, the creation of high-performance environmentally safe production of carbon fiber and its products on the basis of innovative technologies for continuous and discontinuous fibers. Holding company "Composite" is planning to take a leading position in engineering, manufacturing and sales of composite materials of new generation and to meet the needs of domestic enterprises a new generation of composite materials.

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