Presentation of the project-RA HONDA Electronics factory in Japan.


On Friday, March 1, 2013 at 12.00 noon we in the 3-man team of JSC "Intersoft Eurasia" , MIZUNO President of NISSO BOEKI Co. and our translator Vsevolod Kulakov went on r / w station in the center of Tokyo.

Speed trains themselves are very similar to some drop-shaped metal monsters to reach speeds up to 300 km / h, and in cleanliness and comfort. Chairs in the blink of an eye can be deployed to meet each other, forming a micro compartment for four. So we sat down and did a team with our interpreter. In conversations about this and that flew 1 hour 15 minutes. and 300 km. our way.

We waited on the platform of cute and fashionable Japanese middle-aged, suddenly was the president of the company HONDA Electronics, Mr. Yosuke HONDA. It was the beginning of the reception at the highest level! From the train / railway station we were taken into the depths of a small provincial town. Within half an hour, as we drove up to the office HONDA Electronics.

Upon entering the office, which was part of a perfectly clean factory area, we at the entrance dressed in soft, though not enough for Russian feet, slippers, and slipped on a mirrored tile floor office. First we were seated in a large office holder of the company and was introduced to the Board of Directors HONDA Electronics. Then the President, Mr. Y.HONDA told about the company and we listened to a brief opening statement.

Then the office was warning that the company Intersoft Eurasia will present their projects and with all surgeries pulled people. Only the presentation uchesyvalo about 20 engineers from the R & D office and the entire leadership of the company.

I was in shock and told about all the nuances of the project-RA, of course without revealing any know-how or other features of the parts of the unit and went to shows. Alternately, I ran-RA on different smart phones and operating platforms iOS, Android, WP7 … The device-RA worked flawlessly showing real background radiation (dose rate) in a room HONDA Electronics. Serious audience listened to me with bated breath. Poor translator Vsevolod Fists barely had time to translate my structured stream of consciousness. He wrote, translated, translated and recorded again, in general, his brain does not work like a normal person at 3-5% and 100%!

After a very detailed hour show R & D engineers somehow silenced, probably suffered from the Japanese mentality, not to hurt his opponent uncomfortable question. Then I myself began to ask ourselves tough questions and answer them. About the size of the market in Japan and the world, about the technology of semiconductor sensors, about the component base with marriage, pursuing our project in Russia, etc. Then the engineers cheered up R & D center HONDA Electronics and began to ask questions on the topic. All the experts were satisfied with my explanation, and even pointed out that all of what he said is absolutely transparent and understandable to their technical minds.

At the end of our presentation of the project-RA we are of its delegation Intersoft Eurasia handed two Presidents HONDA Electronics and NISSO BOEKI by Device DO-RA.Chups and engineering personnel yellow-RA T-shirts with print on the chest "Checked,-RA, is not radioactive "! Everyone was in awe …

Then the President of the company, Mr. Y.HONDA led us through its technological museum with many exhibits and shows the plant itself, which is not inferior to the purity of his own office, where we actually just moved in clean sneakers.

Full information and excited by the presentation of our team went to develop relations of friendship and cooperation in the beautiful Japanese restaurant with exquisite cuisine and sake …

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