Presentation SAM «Calm 1»

Presentation SAM
Scientific-Production Enterprise «Start» presented at IMDS-2013 unique anti-aircraft missile medium-range acts «Calm 1», developed together with the PNP and IRRI Dolgoprudnenskoye «Altair» belonging to the Concern PVO «Almaz-Antey».

Design Center «Start» made launcher 3S90E.1, innovatorskie solutions which allow positioning SAM «Calm 1» on ships of various displacement, adding the number of modules (one module 12 launchers). This IP is designed to launch missiles that protect ships against anti, aircraft, helicopters and boats. The original technical solution makes it possible to use missiles as small and middle-class, regardless of the target. One of the main advantages of SAM «Calm 1» — its rate because the interval between the launch of missiles is the least 2-seconds. To achieve such results spetsy Company constructed a vertical launcher start, what missile thrown from a catapult powder transport and launch container to a height of 25 meters, and at this altitude has started marching engine. According to experts, the designers managed to find a new solution prepyadstviya load container body internal pressure — it has been reduced to a minimum. In addition, PU excludes the impact of incandescent gas jet on the ship’s construction, which increases their constructive incendive.

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