Presented the latest Ka-62 (updated and expanded)

The highlight of the first day of the exhibition HeliRussia 2012 was the presentation of a new multi-purpose helicopter Ka-62. Deputy Prime Minister personally presented to the public this model, saying: "You can see how beautiful this car is -" swallow ". This helicopter is a completely different generation. It shows that we have big plans, not only in the field of military helicopters, but also civilians. "

  • Presentation of the Ka-62
  • Presentation of the Ka-62

According to the general director of the holding company "Helicopters of Russia" Dmitry Petrov new machine combines traditional features of Russian helicopters, it is reliable and easy to manage. In the development of Ka-62 used the latest technology and advanced materials. It is planned that the blade screws and the glider is generally more than 50% will be made of polymer composite materials.


A detailed photo of the exhibition wait for the evening. (Already under the cut) 

And here is the evening, ladies and gentlemen!

As promised, adding one more news. 

May 17, 2012, an exhibition of HeliRussia 2012. It all started with a press conference

 Gathered here said that the exhibition is worth waiting for to do, and also answered some questions, but we omit it.

Then our pilot of Formula 1 Vitaly Petrov, as well as the CEO of the holding "Helicopters of Russia" exchanged helmets.

Upon entering the first thing you could see the handsome "ANSAT." As was correctly stated, the new colors pleasing to the eye:

A very close was the hero of the day — the Ka-62, yet carefully wrapped in a wrapper, just like candy:

Nearby is a whole range of "Helicopters of Russia". True lineup in the form of models:

Then he came on stage and said Dmitry Rogozin speech. Happy for our helicopter pilots, posed new problems, told the delight with which showed photos of NATO military Mi-26 carrying an external load American Ch-47.

Well then everyone moved to the hero of the day. Under the solemn music lifted the veil:

Despicable helicopter caught on tape janitor:

In developing special attention was paid to qualities such as sustainability and increased efficiency, as has been said up to 50% rotor blades and fuselage in general — is composite materials and it should be noted that it is visible.

The helicopter is equipped with two turboshaft engines of 1,680 hp engines manufactured by the French company Turbomeca. 

Another of the features — the five-blade propeller, wheel chassis of increased power consumption, reinforced fuselage attachment points and major components, depreciation chair.

Someone asked about the rivets, so — maybe they have somewhere, but I did not see:

The helicopter is designed for the transportation of goods, emergency medical services, aerial work and surveillance, as well as for rescue and corporate needs.

The car enjoyed popularity at the show, and fight your way to it was quite difficult:

Especially there were many journalists pesleduyuschih Rogozin .. like me :) 


When the passions have died down a bit, I still managed to look into the cockpit. What he saw surprised: there is not one, even an insignificant small galvanometer:

The first flight is scheduled for 2013.

And now a few photos of different models of helicopters overseas production. Frankly, I’m in foreign helicopters — not strong, so just take a look:

And one of them was:

And more

and models were:

And of course, honored star:



And also-8AMT

In this photo story will end … 


Best wishes — Military-industrial courier.  

We’ll read — will be aware of all the events of the army and military-industrial complex

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