President of JSC Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Andrew Kalinowski, We moved to the beat 10 days

The current 50th Air Show at Le Bourget was an important chapter in the history of the program of the new Russian regional jet Sukhoi Superjet 100. On the second day of the exhibition was held a handover ceremony of the first aircraft SSJ100 launch customer of the Western Hemisphere — Mexican airline Interjet. A day before, on June 17 signed an agreement on the principal terms of the transaction for the supply of 20 Russian aircraft leasing company "Ilyushin Finance.", Which is going to pass them on lease to airlines of Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Regular contributor to the magazine "Rise", a special correspondent of ITAR-TASS Alina Chernoivanova met at Le Bourget with the president of JSC "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" Andrew Kalinovskiy and asked him to tell me about the latest company news and expected in the near future new supplies "Superjet".


February 1, 2013 you were appointed president of JSC "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft". How do you assess the state of the company at that time and the goals set for ourselves?

To say that something has fundamentally changed since my arrival in the company, it would be wrong. The company is located at the next stage of development, we have mostly ended development phase of the aircraft and its modifications, all kinds of tests, and we have passed the stage of mass production of conveyor and aircraft deliveries. This required changes to the company: we focus on the GSS conveyor assembly, to the interests of specific customers, to ensure the execution of the Contract, the proper quality of the supplied equipment, as well as, of course, acceptable cost and attractively priced aircraft. Today it becomes a priority GSS. The transition from the stage of development work at this stage requires restructuring, review of business processes, increase efficiency.

At the end of last year the debt GSS 62.8 billion rubles. How do you plan to reduce the debt burden?

The company SCA created "from scratch." If we look at the experience of Boeing and Airbus, then they have "products of the donor." At Boeing — it’s B737, profitable project, which is a "donor" of investment in new development. At Airbus — it’s A320. Our company also such "donor projects" has not, so that the first phase of development of losses are inevitable. We invest heavily in the development of the aircraft, its testing, promotion. Prior to our arrival the market has been successfully shared. Nobody us there, of course, do not wait. Both the access to the market — it is also certain investments. We have approved a business plan that we have provided to all financial institutions lending to our project. We expect that in 2014 the company released the operating profit. How many planes since the beginning of the year has already produced SCAC? At the moment, collected 10 aircraft, including prototypes *.

What is the measure of production (the length of time after which the assembly line is another new plane) in Komsomolsk-on-Amur branch of the SCA?

We have now moved to the beat of 10 days.

What investments are planned for projects SSJ100LR and Sukhoi Business Jet?

Major investments in SSJ100LR have been completed. Now the process of certification in July to complete it. Immediately after receiving the supplement to the type certificate for the first such aircraft will be airlines’ Gaspromavia. " Total "Gazpromavia" get to the end of this year, three aircraft in the version of LR. As for the Sukhoi Business Jet, we plan to show the first such aircraft at the MAKS-2013.

SBJ at the MAKS-2013 — it’s a plane, made a "business jet" from scratch, or converted from a previous summer?

With zero. Now come to an end his ordeal in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. In late June, it will overtake the painting in Ulyanovsk, then he will fly to Zhukovsky installation interior. Just in time for the MAKS we want to show the plane with a new interior.

And who does interior design?

In this case, since it was an internal customer, designed, developed one of the Russian companies. You will have the opportunity to evaluate the design capabilities of Russian companies and compare, for example, with the Italian designers (we are talking about the salon SSJ100, developed at the request of Mexican airline Interjet Italian group Pininfarina. — Approx. Ed.).

By SBJ you already have a contract for two aircraft with an option for two more with the company Comlux Aviatoin Group. There are orders from commercial entities?

The project has just started. Showing interest and businesses, and government and foreign partners. But "business jet" — is not only the interior. This is a serious project, as LR. "The business jet" — a much greater range, this extra fuel tanks, installation of additional ladder, mass functions, which makes it different from the "normal" aircraft. After all, if you take the "normal" plane and just put it in the soft seats, we get a "pseudo-business jet."

As far as increased range?

Now, our technical services are working on related issues, and with the engine and aerodynamics. When we put additional tanks, you need to redo the entire fuel system. We need to agree on these points with those who supply components. Mathematics is changing, so we must make the new control program for the entire aircraft. SBJ — a serious program, on which we are working. Yes, we are beginning to enter the market, offering at first, a simplified version of the "business jet." When the project is fully implemented, we still calculate. Calculate and investment, t.k.sozdanie "business jet" — a significant investment.

What is the schedule for the exchange of SSJ in the park "Aeroflot" — from the light version to version full?

With the "Aeroflot" agreed protocol for replacement aircraft, and on schedule by the end of this year we will replace the seven planes, three planes left for next year. One plane full version is set, the next delivery — in July.

What is the fate of the aircraft that you pull out of the park of "Aeroflot"?

We solve this issue. Resale aircraft — not exactly the profile of our company, but if it happened, and then solve it. We have customers on the aircraft, both within Russia and abroad. On the part of the aircraft will be introduced service bulletins. But I’m sure we’re all going to sell these aircraft.

As far cheaper than a new SSJ, may have these planes?

In each case — its price. Much depends on the residual life of the blocks and components delivered by plane from the remaining life of engines, from the customer’s requirements by the layout of the cabin. Yes, the price will be lower than the new SSJ. But it all depends on each individual aircraft and its requirements from the customer.

How much will put the aircraft in the consolidated state order?

The establishment of the consolidated public procurement, including on our aircraft, is underway. Interest from government agencies to SSJ is, but to say how much, in what years and to whom these aircraft will be delivered, I can not yet. Certainty will appear when we come to the contracts.

And the first state customer to whom you pass plane this year?

We do not know yet. It all depends on the financing of the state
order. We have a few customers, but which of them will be allocated to the SSJ this year, who will be first, it is difficult to say.

That the contract with the Indonesian Kartika Airlines?

The company at one time made a security deposit under the contract. Now Kartika Airlines is in the process of restructuring. But the contract is not canceled. We are looking forward to when the company confirms to the further implementation of the contract.

When customization of Venice, a company SuperJet International will go next aircraft for the Mexican Interjet?

Until the end of June in Venice will be sent two aircraft **, and by the end of the year will be given eight Sukhoi Superjet 100.

On the first day of the air show representatives of the shareholders SJI from the Italian side quite clearly said that unhappy financial situation of the company and see the meaning of the revision partnership. You basically satisfied with the cooperation with SJI?

Yes, happy. You have to understand, we went to the foreign market, there is a serious fight and, of course, the desire of shareholders to improve business efficiency and reconstructed in accordance with the realities that we face today is explainable. Those companies that are able to move quickly, precisely and become successful. In this case, the shareholders, I believe, is the correct asking questions. Our first-to-market experience has shown that we need to improve business performance. Shareholders decide which way to go. Industrial cooperation with Finmeccanica we have only increased. On the first day of the air show signed a contract with one of the Finmeccanica Group companies concerning the lighting equipment for the SSJ. So Finmeccanica increasingly involved in the project, in supply components.

In late April, the Russian-Kyrgyz intergovernmental commission has asked the Ministry of Industry and GSS to develop a possible scheme of financing of SSJ for Kyrgyz airlines. Do you already have certainty on the possible order quantity and its funding?

The work is proceeding. We have sent all the necessary materials Kyrgyz side, and wait for their decision.

Completed a finalization of the contract with the airline "Muscovy"?

In June, should be finalized. Now leasing company GTLK discussing with "Muscovy" financing conditions.

SCA sued "Armavia" …

One of the two aircraft SSJ100, set "Armavia" is under the encumbrance. To remove the procedural burden and transfer to another customer, you need a formal decision. Such a decision will be made soon.

"Armavia" is the debtor SCAC?

No. The company did not have to.

"UTair" asked the GSS aircraft in monoklassnoy layout without a fixed business class. What this means for GHS?

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