Press conference

[B] Oleg Dolmatov, head coach of "Rostov»: [/ b] — It is a pity that the tradition nevyigryshey in "Loco" continues shame to lose points in the final seconds. In fairness we were playing with a very good team and missed a lot of attacks. Our team liked the episodes, especially in the first half. The second is too focused on keeping accounts at the expense of attacking moves. Instead of precision gears are kind of lost his head and went in removal of the ball. In principle, we moved right back in the second half — I said at half-time, you can not play with the "locomotive" on a collision course, we had to close down. Normally started, we just have not yet played a very team here today debuted Andjelkovic. [Cut] [b] — You want to prove something, "Lokomotiv"? [/ B] — I did not want anything to prove. I’ve already forgotten it all … [B] Rashid Rakhimov, the head coach of "Locomotive«: [/ b] — We knew it was in the opening match and the home team will play aggressively. In the first time they did it, they did quite quenched our attacks, although the moments we still are. During the break, I asked speed up the game, use less touches. This often puts the defense of the "Rostov" a dead end, and we had quite a few moments. Now it’s up to the realization until this problem. Somebody must have something to blame, that we so unlucky. But I told the team today that the second game in a row we showed character, turn the game and win. [B] — Why Torbinskiy replaced — they were unhappy? [/ B] — No, he just played well, he was going through a lot of explosive game. But he hung on the card and then double fouls, so away from sin decided to replace him. [B] — Rate this game debutants? [/ B] — Dujmovic played not as good as in the first game, but he’s a great player, and it’ll probably temporary. Kuzmin missed a lot in preparation for the season and immediately went into the game, but generally coped. Either to him or to the pallu complaints.

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