Press conference after the match coaches with Siberia

[B] Oleg Dolmatov: [/ b] — In the first half we played poorly, and in all the lines — with lapses in defense and toothless in attack. In the second half, a lot happened in the attack, but the defense continued to play mediocre, mediocre passing goals. Therefore the result of the match is natural. It is impossible in this league play carelessly, even with the last place, and especially with such a team as the "Siberia". [Cut] [b] — But the stands were conducted by applause … [/ B] — Well, well of course they woke up in the second half, the spirit of the athletes and they want to fight back and win. And to win. But the chaos in the defense of all wiped out. You can not win a game when the opponent striker is surrounded by four defenders head Mapped his ball on the course and then back to this ball in time. And so on. I think this defeat will benefit the team. [B] — What happened to the defense? [/ B] — I do not know, maybe our long leadership has played a cruel joke on us. In any case, the defeat will shake us. All that is not done — all the better. [B] Sergey Oborin, head coach of "Siberia»: [/ b] — Today we brought pleasure to fans. Goals scored. Intrigue. In general, we have, if we analyze the last 5-6 matches, created a lot of scoring situations. Won today because the score. In defense played not very good, I do not mean those times when we even scored. The process of organizing the game under my leadership back in full swing and we’ve got work to do. [B] — When the score was 2-2, not afraid that the team can begin to fall? [/ B] — Sometimes it happened to us at the end of the game, the team played worse and worse. The guys work well under my leadership, they gradually feel more confident, to some extent, we have corrected the physical condition of the children. Even if you take those home games in which we played in a draw, there we were close to victory, with a large number of points. Is not it time, it’s now. "Rostov" is a good team, such as Korean, very good player, an excellent purchase, brought us a lot of trouble. For the average viewer does not see the football as coaches. Perhaps that is why we work in this path. Life is intense work. [B] — Please comment on the actions of Akimov? [/ B] — I do not comment on actions of other players of the team [b] — But Hong’s actions as you comment on that? [/ B] — I’m not commenting on the work of the players and coaches of other teams. It is unethical. [B] — On you some pressure from management is? [/ B] — We are working constructively. About the pressure can not say anything. The normal working environment to improve the situation.

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