Press conference after the match Nosta — Rostov

[B] Oleg Dolmatov, head coach of "Rostov»: [/ b] — I will say that the game started in the way that suits us, we built the game from the defense on the counter, and the enemy in the first minutes of absolutely nothing turned . And suddenly this goal with the center of the field, to be honest, in my memory that I had ever seen. Whether the goalie was not ready, or something else. We needed something urgently to change, hence the haste, the rest of the match I was not very happy, even though there were many moments to score. Thank God I have drawn. [Cut] [b] — The result of the game? [/ B] — Once a result is why it is not on the game? The home team looked interesting in the attack, we are less well ahead succeed. [B] — After the match in Rostov you somehow especially preparing for a fight with the "ABILITY»? [/ B] — We are preparing for each match in particular. Knowing that the "Values" at home playing worse, we built the game in a certain way. But as I said — a goal turned all plans. We were not ready to attack and score in this match. [B] Sergei tan, coach "Nosta»: [/ b] — It’s hard to comment on. It’s a shame to miss the last seconds of extra time. What to do. Life goes on. Will be set, and then prepare for the match against the Bryansk. [B] — Why is not it in the Pchelintseva? [/ B] — Pchelintsev was injured in training camp. Was out for two weeks. He has a knee ligament injury, so he was out. [B] — How let the team down a player fouls the last minute? [/ B] — It’s game time. We watched this episode, and it is clear that the player was trying to play the ball, but failed. I generally thought that everything was happening to the penalty area … [B] — What changes will follow in a match with "Dynamo»? [/ B] — If the injury is not serious, the composition remains the same, maybe one or two changes. We try to give all the players play.

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