Press conference coaches after the match, Dynamo Br — Rostov

[B] Oleg Dolmatov, head coach of "Rostov»: [/ b] — I do not think we differ greatly in the class today. Scored in the first-half goal, had two or three points, but have not implemented it, and at 1-0 tensions remained. We host a memorable roundhouse kick. I would not say that both players have shown a very fast game, the weather was quite hot. [B] Leonid Nazarenko, head coach of "Dynamo»: [/ b] — The content of the game is quite good, but the quality of the game, handling the ball and pass the quality we are notably inferior. The "Rostov" is a play on the result. No beautiful football, there is the challenge, and well-trained guys know how to earn points.

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