Press conference coaches after the match, Knight — Rostov

[B] Sergei Gorlukovich, head coach of "The Knight»: [/ b] [b] — Are you satisfied with the result? [/ B] — The result should be happy when you have something! And when there is nothing, how to be happy. When you have nothing in your pockets you well? We do not. If we have something in their pockets means we work, and if not, then … shitty work. [B] — In a missed gol who is to blame? [/ B] — Let’s understand. Who is to blame and punish. [B] — But Tchuyse … [/ b] — (interrupting) Next question. [Cut] [b] — The reason for the replacement Tchuyse? [/ B] — Because he did not suit me. If a person is happy why change it. [B] Oleg Dolmatov, head coach of "Rostov»: [/ b] [b] — It seemed that in the second half, the team slowed down, it was your installation or players relaxed? [/ B] — I would not say that we slow down. We had great times that we have created. And in general I am very pleased with the game today, guys. Very reliable played back, not allowing his opponent to create almost anything at the gate. In general, control of the game. [B] — 4 months that have passed since the first game, "Knight" has become stronger? [/ B] — With the arrival of Gorlukovicha team has become more organized and militant. Strong team. — [B] According forces her to stay in the first division? [/ B] — Yes, no doubt.

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