PRESS RELEASE. SE plant Electrotyazhmash began shipment of the rotor parts for the Dniester PSP

The State Enterprise Plant "Electrotyazhmash" started shipping parts of hydro-rotor engine Dniester PSP (PAO "Ukrhydroenergo").

Completing the shipment of parts (rotor poles) is scheduled for the end of August this year.

The contract for the production of hydro-jet CBO 1255/255-40UHL4 station number 2 was signed in February 2012. Closing the supply of basic equipment for Unit 2 of the Dniester PSP is scheduled for September this year.

Next will be continued supervision of erection and commissioning, as well as testing of hydro-motor. Start of Unit 2 is scheduled for December 19, 2013.

"At the moment" Ukrhydroenergo "is our main partner in Ukraine. We continue to actively cooperate with them, spending large amounts of work to modernize Ukrainian power packs ", — said the director of the GP plant" Electrotyazhmash "Vladimir Glushakov.

The State Enterprise Plant "Electrotyazhmash" specializes in designing and manufacturing high-power hydro, hydro-engine turbine generators for thermal and nuclear power plants, electric motors for driving rolling mills, mine hoists, water pumps, irrigation canals, traction electrical equipment for rail and urban transport.
SE plant "Electrotyazhmash" manufactures products for Russia, India, Kazakhstan, Panama, Mexico and other countries around the world.

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