Prices instead of values: the corporate standards of the financial oligarchy destroy the diversity of the world

Vladimir Yakunin, President of Russian Railways

The global financial oligarchy

Crisis has sharply raised the question of the relationship between the state and society, the quality and range of government, about the fairness and predictability of the future.

Proponents of the neo-liberal approach, in fact, argue that a modern developed state should be limited to a set of functions traditionally inherent in the historical state, because, they say, the civil society and its many community associations and self-regulatory organizations, developed democracy and freedom of the individual is not in need of an archaic state care.

Supporters of strong government, referring to the thousand-year management experience, it is reasonable to suggest that the sharp narrowing of the functional state administration in the absence of developed democratic institutions leads to increased social and economic imbalances and can lead to the most extreme manifestations of instability.

It seems that the fetishization of the state as a management system that seeks to regulate and control all aspects of society down to the smallest detail, is as far from reality as the neo-liberal tenet of non-interference of the state in the processes of economic and social planning and development. Moreover, the maintenance of order as an organic function of the government is inalienable factor in social control and does not disappear in the new environment, sometimes becoming prerogative, but rather a tool of festering even "global state". This "state" allows himself no bones about any intervention or non-intervention, nor about the assigned right to destroy the nation-states have become unnecessary or national institutions of government.

The difference in approach is that the advocates of modern liberalism for decades deliberately inculcated into the public consciousness of the masses of the standards is clearly limited use as serving the interests of a fully fledging social phenomenon. This phenomenon in terms of traditional sociology can be defined as a "transnational corporation of the financial oligarchy" that today defines the state of the world community and how to manage them.

In other words, on the one hand, the transformation now taking place, manifested in the form of powerful protest movements sweeping the different regions and groups of countries, there is a reaction to the fact that my colleague Adrian Pabst analyst calls "a conspiracy between big government and big business." Actually, this has led to a special system that privatizes profits and nationalizing losses imposes risks on society. A system, in turn, will only exacerbate the already existing unequal distribution of income and wealth inequality, increased poverty in developing countries.

On the other hand, as evidenced worldeconomy recent practice, management objects for this class strata ("transnational corporation of the financial oligarchy") are not only the usual social groups and communities, but also to entire states and regions — with total disregard for national sovereignty and civilizational features.

In this layer, there is one weak spot — Finance and their nationality: no one can be the owner of the financial system, but the state, whose insignia are on any bill, coin or banknote. However, there is a single state, the United States, where the issue of money admitted to a private company the Federal Reserve.

What characterizes this as a "global corporation financial oligarchy"?

First of all, it features internationally-globalist in nature. While some researchers and politicians are trying to impose on the U.S. administration fully responsible for the outbreak of the 2008 crisis of the modern world (which began as a financial, then grew into a financial and economic, but is now recognized by many experts as the system), they are wrong. In this case, the exaggerated responsibility of the U.S. government. Similarly, incorrect, in our view, and attempts to appropriate the universal human need for globalizators miroosvoenii, spreading their culture to new geographic social space. But this is always a need for a pipe dream of a universal integration achievements and values in the name of planetary welfare.

Meanwhile, in the last decades of the twentieth century, the financial community concentrated in the hands of the supercritical mass of the world's wealth, especially financial capital. It was on his specific plans and solely in his interest is global migration of the real economy, which entails the most massive since the Great Depression of the impoverishment of the middle class of Western countries, the growth of social tension and numerous ethnic conflicts. It is these financial tycoons monopolized the right to truth in modern economic science in order to promote the inviolability of the neo-liberal concepts. My colleague at work on multi-volume work "Possible scenarios for the future," the head of the American Sociological Association, Craig Calhoun, recently elected to the post of Rector of the London School of Economics, says: "How could the neoclassical school of economics and the other for so long insisted on a model which is based on the representativeness and the rationality of the players, smooth graphics and a long trouble-free growth? Are managers and brokers on Wall Street believe in all this fraud about new tools to reduce the risk or they actually knew about the imminent collapse, but believe that they are so nimble that still resurface more successful than others? Undoubtedly, one of the features of the times the mass of the bubble was hiring talented students of the best universities in the investment banks and their involvement in the world of poker all night long, the risk has become a pleasure, aversion to risk management and regulation and endless pleasant assurance that they smart enough not only to deservedly receive absurdly high minimum wages for productive activities, but also to make time to get out of the bubble. "

Armament protected consumerism

Global Financial Corporation is almost completely usurped the right to information and control systems (traditional media, the Internet, special and public networks), which recently are beginning to be realized as not harmless media even at home internet — in the United States. Once upon a sincere and honest principles of conduct "fifth power" today are a shining example and a reminder of what happens to all the other spheres of human creativity when they are evaluated only in terms of meeting customer's whim.

This quasi usurped virtual channels flow of financial capital, as once imperial Britain seized control of the world trade routes. If by magic, the financial transactions of our time can be suspended or implemented with lightning speed for the sake of creating a "cavity added value." Most of all, we can now speak of a dictatorship of a relatively small (not "billion") combining the "masters fate", which determines the fate of nations once the nuclear button has replaced the access code to the electronic control system of global financial flows. Today, the global financial lobby, cut off from everyone and removed a responsibility for whatever that may be, shall appoint losers entire countries reytinguya not so much the economic potentials and performance as the corresponding formal statistics of another financial scheme.

The class financial interlayer for XIX-XX centuries sought to consolidate under its control (explicit or implicit) government developed and many developing countries, with the exception proclaimed alternative social orientation: the USSR, China and other socialist countries, as well as a number of traditionalist regimes of the East.

It is this layer through the international financial functioning of the state and under its control, specially designed non-formal systems, and organized from the outside of the oil collusion secured a victory in the Cold War, has made the collapse of the USSR and the socialist experiment. In the future, it has provided the West reorientation of the vast number of former socialist countries in the format of a single unified socio-economic model, which led to the creation of a new structure of inequality is within the EU.

The analysis took place and world events reveals the key objectives of the financial oligarchy in the modern world.

Its main objective — to achieve full and unconditional victory "of the world of consumerism" as a unified modeling of material for the future of the global civil society. In many ways, the world has already been created. There under the slogan of "consumption — the engine of economic development" is a global manipulation of public opinion, eliminates even the slightest sprouts spiritual and historical traditions of national culture and identity, preventing the globalization of financial mercantilism.

The object of aggressive consumerism have all categories of citizens from teenagers to the elderly. Thus, the youth culture that emerged in the 1960s in the wake of protests against conservatism and aggressiveness of military-industrial complex of the West, was systematically shifted to strengthening consumption. The total impact on the consumer demonstrates the process of global commercialization (financialization) of the human community. As noted by one of the authors of labor "Possible scenarios for the future," Professor of Anthropology at the City University of New York, David Harvey, namely the radical financialization, thanks to which "revived" the capitalist economy, sowed the seeds of a deep crisis.

In the minds of the basic human, including defined by the social nature of human values are substituted for convenient manipulation of value-surrogates. The sacredness of human life, the importance of tradition for development, the value of family and between generations, the sanctity of motherhood, public recognition of the human being, the importance of real freedom and human dignity — all this is replaced by propaganda unnatural variations that due to the constant "mediavgovarivaniya" grow up in social evils, but not recognized as such and not be censored. Among such phenomena include the promotion and boundless individualism and neglect of others. It does not matter whether it is the interests of the neighbor down the street or the interests of the citizens of other countries.

A typical example is the NATO aggression against Iraq under the pretext of having fabricated in this state of weapons of mass destruction. Even after recognition by the Bush administration and the government of Tony Blair's mendacity newsworthy for a military invasion, it did not result in any morally binding reaction of the Americans and the Europeans. We also did not know about the requirements of the state to attract liars responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of its citizens and Iraqis accountable. Propaganda atomized individualism of Western society limit swallow any lie under the pretext of "universal values", belonging exclusively Anglo-Saxon civilization. Similarly, the West has reacted to the war waged by NATO against Libya. Of course, skilled and experienced experts in politics, endorsing the UN resolution "On the closure of the airspace of Libya", clearly knew how it would end. Even in the United Nations headquarters, some American generals urged Russian colleagues literally affect Washington, as the "third war while the U.S. simply can not survive."

Another phenomenon is indicative of aggressive consumerism of modern society — the growing immorality and lack of spirituality. An attempt to reduce all human interests and the base of his life only to make money and individualistic dominance — this is another program reshaping the human community into an obedient flock, ready to perform without thinking of any social maneuver on request rulers.

With all the well-known and widely distributed judgments about values such as individual freedom, competition as the right to free choice, etc., global society is prescribed to practice only that enables it to carry out a confident social management. This is what one of the founders of the World Public Forum "Dialogue of Civilizations" Jagdish Kapurspravedlivo called armament protected consumerism — protected by the armed forces of the consumer society.

Accordingly, taking into account the practice of doublethink, the creators of the new global values, one of the most effective ways to suppress the "global dissent" is the creation of managed economic crises, which have replaced the early history of the elements of capitalism. One of the authors of labor "Possible scenarios for the future," the political philosopher Nancy Fraser believes that public policy, "correcting" errors markets, there is some form of dominance. To overcome such destructive tendencies, Fraser emphasizes, not re-link the markets with social relationships and needs, it is important to do it in a way that would have redefined "normal, inspiring social support."

Today, more than actually go to a reassessment of the Bretton Woods agreement to waive gold equivalent in the international financial calculations, which to date is huge incentive for the rapid economic development of the world economy. However, even the impartial analysis of the latest economic and financial crisis shows that in fact this decision has led to the creation of a single emission center's reserve currency, which gave the said financial interlayer great benefits for the formatting of the global world's only superpower.

As a result, due to the monstrous disparity in price and value, ownership emission center of the global reserve currency, the use of virtual money in the form of various derivatives and printed dollars (ratio of 1:10, if we estimate the cost of the global economy and the amount of outstanding derivatives) financial oligarchy has created a powerful tool of financial governance of the global economy and the deepening of inequality in developing countries and countries of the "golden billion". Economic relations between them can only be compared with the period of early colonization, when the value of developing countries exchanged for "glass beads" of the Western world. With this agreement, my colleague from the Turkish sociologist Çağlar Keyder, which pays special attention to the fact that, no matter how the suffering middle class in rich countries, the burden created by the globalization of inequality, exploitation and crises in the most is the poorest part of humanity.

Others are not so enemies

Another indication of the activity of this pseudo — usurping the right to enforce a kind of global policy of "protecting the environment". Ozone hole, diseases caused by pollution of the human environment, water shortages, natural disasters and man-made disasters — it all really threatens the existence of mankind.

As recommended to deal with these problems? Primarily by reducing the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere, the use of energy-saving technologies and technologies based on renewable energy sources. The race against the use of a powerful program of nuclear power plants, etc.

It would seem that this is evidence that the public and, at the state level in the Western developed countries realized the destructiveness of brutal violence against nature. But why did the United States refused to join the Kyoto Protocol on limiting emissions into the atmosphere of harmful products of industrial production? And as developing countries solve the problem of shortage of energy to its development?

Very simple! The answer is: they have to purchase the most modern and advanced technology from Western companies. Since this is a very expensive technology, the West will be willing to provide loans for these purposes, and that will support its own development, and developing countries will be put in an even greater dependence on creditors. Another very powerful instrument of global governance?

A few years ago at a conference Global Business Policy Council is very extraordinary man, the head of AT Kearny Paul Laudichina, led an interesting example in the struggle for environmental Switzerland refused to buy Peruvian peasants produced fruits and vegetables. As a result, about 15,000 farms were ruined.

Protecting this environment, or "universal values" methods of military aggression or otherwise — all suitable from the point of view of preserving the dominance of the "golden billion", led by the U.S., only the result is important!

It should be emphasized that this quasi, which now can be called "global corporation oligarchs" completely indifferent to the fate of the majority of citizens of the developed countries, so the more the fate of civilizations and peoples of Latin America, Africa, Asia and the East in general. That is why the community of "global oligarchs" as quickly and aggressively trying to crush pockets of today any spiritual and socio-economic resistance, whether Iraq or Iran, Libya or Syria, Russia or Cuba.

Similarly, pragmatic architects of the new liberalism relate to the formation of a new global system of relations with China, Brazil, India, Russia and some other emerging economies.

They are not going to wait patiently when China will be the first economy in the world, while India and Russia realize their national economic potential.

In such circumstances, even one coherent idea of dialogue among civilizations in the world of multidimensional considered "financial oligarchy of transnational corporation" as a dangerous challenge. Multilingualism, multiculturalism, traditional civilization, the search for adequate models of development — all those annoying and tiring major players on the chessboard of modern and deliberately primitiviziruemoy stories. Face the challenge they will only in the world of chaos, confrontations, wars and divided prejudice and fear of the world.

That is why today is so important to organize the struggle for the realization of the project of the New humane society with recognition of the equality of civilizations, their cultural and spiritual heritage, their right to choose an independent path while respecting the rights of others.

"Others are not so enemies" — this statement, expressed at the World Public Forum "Dialogue of Civilizations", should be the basis for restoring relations between civilizations companies belonging to different civilizations, to build a humane, just and happy future for themselves and future generations.

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