Prime Computer: 13 years of successful operations in Ukraine

A leading national manufacturer of personal computers and servers, "Prime Computer," said his 13 years in the market of Ukraine.

Products "Prime Computer" always meets the highest international standards of quality, as evidenced by the presence of the relevant certificates, recognition of the company’s customers and industry experts. 

Interesting facts about "Prime Computer" 

  • In the 13 years was issued more than 300,000 PCs — PrimePC and about 14,000 servers — PrimeServer;
  • Staff: The staff of employees — 24 people, including R & D — 4 people. 80% of staff — Gold Assets Incom Company (the people who have worked for the company 10 years or more);
  • Production capacity: PC — 2700 pieces per month for one-shift operation. Servers — 180 units per month;
  • Partners: Microsoft, Intel, Asus, Gigabyte, Samsung, Chenbro, Seasonic, FSP, Kingston, Goodram and others;
  • Clients: public sector companies, the leading companies in the financial, telecommunications, transport and other sectors of the economy;
  • The most popular model: the top sales in the segment Corporate — PrimePC Solo30 and PrimePC Tini;
  • Number of models: 5 series and two pilots.

The results of 2012, plans and prospects for 2013

At the end of 2012 a substantial increase PC production did not happen, but the total amount of the products of the brand Prime remained at last year’s figures, indicating that the stability of direction, despite the general downturn in the industry, celebrated analytical agencies and companies — the leading players of the Ukrainian market of technology. Last year it was produced about 24,000 personal computers Prime.

Talking about the market for technology as a whole, it continues the trend of the past year: the plates jostle other devices. 2012 was a year of record actually increase users’ interest in tablet PCs. There has been a shift toward mobility requirements. However, as shown by the results of the year, food packages "Prime Computer" is still in demand. Clients say the user experience, and high computational power at a sufficiently low cost of ownership Prime. Therefore, the company has continued to shift to new processors and chipsets with their subsequent introduction into production. This has allowed to maintain the current state of the products, which ultimately affected the stability of production.

New Developments "Prime Computer"

Prepared and introduced into production of small-sized project server. Start of production of PCs in close-coupled design — PrimePC EasySet. During the implementation of the project is a "thin" client that through the support of modern communication protocols can be used to organize popular cloud technologies. Worked out model of small-sized PC with a high level of computing power.

Market acceptance

In the rating "TOP-100 largest companies in Ukraine" (according to the publisher, "Economy") in 2013, Prime took second place in the "Build a PC". The main criterion for the formation of ranking index was released products in 2012.

Sergei Kachan   director of production, logistics and procurement of Inkom "Impressive numbers and scale of activity — it’s good. But our main goal is not to increase the volume of unqualified products. First of all, it is important to the quality and functionality, which will ultimately allow our clients using our technology to effectively solve business problems and develop it. To do this, we constantly research the market, control all production processes and investing in R & D, developing new and improved lineup. These are the key factors of building long-term partnerships with our customers. "

Anatoly Romanov   Director of Production at Incom

"Truisms — survive in the market are those who know how to build long-term relationships with their customers. Our company has been able to realize it and work" Prime Computer "- proof.

The priority in our business are not one-off transactions and long-term, trusting relationships with customers. With many of them we are working on for many years. And one of the commandment — working today, think not only about the future. Companies of information technology should be aware that their work — is largely the vision of the future, is the specificity of the industry. Systems and technology become outdated so quickly that it is at the time of installation, need to think about their modernization. "

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