Primorsky Krai: builders complete the installation of metal commercial kitchens Spring

Of the total of 700 tons of metal, installed about 500 tons, which is 70%. Builders complete installation of the roof trusses, wall mounting are under facing sandwich panels. As the project leader Dmitry Arsyutkin, complete the installation plan by December 15

Approximately 150,000 residents of Primorye Territory will receive quality meals being built thanks to the enterprise. Factory kitchen will provide comprehensive nutrition universities, schools, kindergartens, hospitals and other institutions. The company will not only produce, but also to deliver products."Spring" is the first in the Far East and the third most in the Russian catering business of this scale and level. Technology of production of tailor-made to the Moscow company "Agro-3". Conveyor is a production line in which the whole process of delivery, defrost before cooking slicing and vacuum packaging uh automatically. Ready meals will have the shelf life of up to 48 hours. To control the quality of products in a plant equipped with a special laboratory that will test each batch.

The "Spring" is a building with a variable number of floors, from 6 to 8 meters, with built administrative building. Total area of the kitchen and dining area is 15,000 m2. It is the responsibility of the Group companies RDS includes the construction of buildings and landscaping. RDS is not only the general contractor of the project, but also the general designer.

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