Prirazlomnaja on the home straight


At the finish line out of work for a unique offshore ice-resistant platform "Prirazmlomnaya." MISP is located in the Pechora Sea, where the complete acceptance of the first start-up stage equipment, which will provide drilling.

Commission, which included representatives of "Gazprom", "NSA-Energodiagnostika" Rostehnadzor, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, successfully presented to the most important piece of hardware platforms. In particular, it has been tested with drilling rigs, BOP equipment, equipment tripping, feeder pipes, management information systems, complex external radio, telephone and battery-free communication, etc. In addition, the Commission presented the energy, gas turbine, supporting the installation of diesel generators, Gas turbogenerators and major power plants. As the head of the production of marine engineering and civil shipbuilding Valery Borodin, the equipment — a kind heart, hands and brain platform.

Now a daily watch on the MISP are around 500 Severodvinsk, providing that equipment at the facility. The problem this year — in the near future to present the commission Equipment second and third stage, which will be capable of receiving and shipping of oil. And also to prepare a platform to the top of the first drilling planned for autumn 2013.

Note that the "Prirazlomnaja" is unique in its characteristics. Its dimensions are impressive: the area of the upper deck the size of two football fields, a drilling rig with a 17-storey building. The platform is able to produce and store oil at very low temperatures down to minus 50 degrees and high ice loads. MISP can drill about 40 wells up to 7,000 meters.

High quality construction of oil and gas facilities Sevmash confirms the conclusion of Norway’s major accounting firms — "Mackenzie», «Aker Solutions» and «Kvaerner», conducted an audit on the platform in the past year. The audit showed that "Prirazlomnaja" is built in accordance with the highest standards of creating oil and gas facilities.


Catherine Pilikin, press-service of JSC "PO" Sevmash "

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