Prisoners Sumy open shops of their own products

Employees of the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine in Sumy region argue thatLocal prisoners serving sentences with the use of: They are actively working to obtain money for their personal needs, and even going to open a shop of handicrafts. 

45% of inmates serving time Sumy region for the benefit of themselves and society. They became active links the region’s economy. Head of the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine in Sumy region, Anatoly Nosal said thatSumy authorities maintain production,
regularly ordering items from the prisoners of the budget money. First of all, they make playgrounds, as well as benches and bins for parks and gardens.

Very soon in the areawill operate stores, in which all goods are made by people serving sentences in prison. It’s not just about industrial products, but also on agricultural products. So far, these outlets are only in Sumy and Romney.

Anatoly Nosal also noted that over the years he was able to follow a positive trend.Those inmates who work in prison, easier to find work, leaving on freedom. And this is a guarantee that the formerSnakeshas not become a slippery slope of crime.

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