Private companies tend to enter into defense procurement

In strengthening the defense capability of the country’s increasingly prominent role is played by businessmen completely new format of thinking. Important to them not only a commercial success, but also the realization of the idea: Russian — means the best.

On the basis of the first in Moscow private arms factory was small, but very colorful exhibition, which showed that now produce non-state enterprises in the interests of all law enforcement agencies, what they can do in the future.

The very history of this plant is interesting and revealing. This is a purely private venture by means of a group of industrial companies operating in various sectors of the economy. The leaders of these companies, no matter how pathetic it sounds, were the real patriots of Russia. The most modern equipment is precision-made firearms for hunters and sportsmen. In the long term, it is possible, sniper rifles, produced in Moscow, entered service special forces all law enforcement agencies, including — the army. Now they are just being tested in the armed forces and special units.

With small arms of a very unfavorable situation. We have always been proud of Kalashnikovs and bombshell thundered defense ministry statement on termination of purchases of AK. It was argued that the firearms produced in excess, rifles, machine guns and pistols arsenals simply overwhelmed. It was also said that the current range of AC morally and technically outdated, it is necessary to create new generations of weapons. The problem is really serious, if we add to this the almost complete lack of AK series of so-called body kit — various sights, lights, and other devices that facilitate the work of the arrow and increase the accuracy of the shot.

At the same time, and for professionals it is not a secret, private traders, craftsmen make this upgrade AK of any type that actually turns a new machine. But the important thing is not the point. Private traders are able to produce the most high-tech equipment to improve the effectiveness of fire and to conduct covert surveillance of the enemy. And with such characteristics that visitors to the exhibition, among which were the leading weapons experts, representatives of the Federation Council, State Duma and the number of law enforcement agencies, marveled.

Attracted the attention of military sight, combined the two functions. In a melee, he works as a collimator, which significantly increases the accuracy and rate of fire. If you have to keep firing at a range of more than a hundred meters, the flick of a finger is an optical sight with a 4-fold increase and wound-ballistics. The highlight of wound-ballistics that is required each time put the sight on a particular range. There are four circles, in which it is necessary to catch the enemy piece. It must fit into one of four study groups — changes accordingly slope of the barrel, and the bullet flies right on target. An amendment to a range of 200, 300, 400 and 500 meters is entered automatically.

Today, only private companies, various night vision goggles and sophisticated optical surveillance system. Many of them on set of characteristics — the best in the world. The exhibition shows a very wide range of such products.

One of the companies has demonstrated not having analogues in the world 20x binoculars with image stabilization, which greatly improves the clarity of the observed objects at a considerable distance. Optical line of sight is stabilized by a magnetic field, which guarantees unlimited life of the stabilizer in the absence of external power supplies. This is a purely Russian know-how, by the way, a patented.

The thermal sight PT-9 using ballometricheskoy matrix allows accurate fire in difficult weather conditions, even when the front of the shooter tall grass or shrub. The main advantage of it is that he, possessing excellent technical characteristics, turned out to be the easiest in the world — weighs just over a kilo, and stable even when working with large-caliber weapons. Lack of thermal imagers — sensitivity to dynamic loads — in Russia solved this problem, and have done so on its own initiative at a private company.

A totally unique product designs and produces a small company that started a few years ago Nicholas Slipchenko. His company specializes in creating electro-optical systems to detect even a well-disguised terrorists using monitoring devices. Similar equipment produced abroad, but on the whole product performance Slipchenko, it seems incredible, were the best in the world. They are especially effective in kontrsnayperskoy war, since they make it possible to accurately determine the position of the enemy’s hand at the opening of his telescopic sight.

The Russian system has recently made a splash at the NATO headquarters in Brussels. Leaders of the North Atlantic bloc took the unprecedented step — almost decided to purchase our full line of optical systems to equip its special forces. Preparing a major contract.

Oddly enough, but slowed its implementation Defense Ministry of Russia. The fact that the optics manufactured in the company of Nicholas Slipchenko, does not apply to military production. And NATO has somehow decided that this miracle technique simply can not stand armed special forces of the Russian army. And asked the Ministry of Defence with a question: do not mind if there if opto-electronic systems will be exported to the Army of the North Atlantic bloc. The military did not give consent, but also for its special forces did not buy anything. Logic in this.

Interesting exposition showed Gennady leather. An engineer by training, he once took up sports shooting precision that required to produce the so-called Self-assembled cartridges. Began collecting ammo, then carried away by the assembly of small arms. Sam began to construct rifles and pistols. Received all the necessary permits and licenses, created a small private company. And things went!

In order not to reinvent the wheel, he based his American Firearms brands. Buying parts and doing their already deeply enhanced shooting system. In principle, the copying of small arms advanced brands are engaged in the world.

The skin is no secret that the clones and M-16, and Smith & Wesson and Glock, and something else. But it makes such a profound upgrade that developers samples taken as a basis, hardly the first time recognize their offspring. He even brought out a tuning Soviet SVD sniper that actually turned out a new weapon with great live performance. And our general staff on the IRS put bold cross, finding that the age of the high-precision semi-automatic rifle was.

Weapons Kozhaeva security agencies buy as beautiful gifts for their employees, the hunters take it. Although, in principle, it could stand, albeit in small numbers in service and army special forces.

Without exaggeration sensationally looked a little stand on which was presented just … belt for small arms. It would seem that there can come up with new? Belt, he is the belt. A subtlety is that to move, let the machine in the stowed or deployed position is necessary to pull it and correct belt that creeps on ammunition, now representing not smooth tunic, and a complex set with lots of pockets and unloading. It happens that in the battle belt just gets stuck, which can lead to the death of a fighter.

Quite a young man, Vladimir Harlampo, was the only one in the world who thought of centuries-old rule change moving the belt along with the weapon. He did so, now
that belt is stationary and the weapon glides on it in any desired direction, instantly being fixed in position ready to fight. The invention has been patented without problems, as unique in the world it is not there. Surprisingly, make the invention of world-class Vladimir helped passion playing airsoft. This is an exciting competition in which opponents tend to hit each other with absolutely identical to the original mass-dimensional models of military weapons, firing plastic balls. Weapons, as well as all equipment straykbolista not cheap.

And once at Vladimir simply did not have enough money to buy a regular seat belt, had to tinkering myself. It turned out — a discovery.

General commando troops of the Interior, having tried the belt on himself, came to present the wonder of its amazing functionality and convenience. The general said whether it will — all small arms subordinate units would translate to the belts shown to him.

What’s the problem? The tender! First, without the mandatory tender book on public money anything. Second, announce a tender for weapons belts anyone and had no idea. Third, what could be the competition if competitors do not Harlampova not only in Russia, but all over the world? And therefore — great straps can be bought only at his own expense, he’s special forces are doing.

In addition to all that is associated with small arms, Russian private companies now produce special shoes for various purposes, including protecting your feet in blasting landmines. When sewing using the latest technology and highest quality materials, including natural. Catalog company, which presented its products at the show, left no doubt that the best in the world by the price-quality special shoes available today only in Russia.

The stand, which was exhibited products group of companies, founded and directed by Sergei Sushchenko, impossible to describe in words. It should taste. Meals military outsourced, that is, the external service. Food enterprises Sushchenko, winning contests laid, feed today a significant part of the armed forces. And feed quality. In any case, the officers who had the pleasure to eat foods of the private producer, praised him and his products are completely sincere.

Example Sushchenko, alas, rather a nice exception than the rule. Those who produce high-tech products, through to potential customers, especially in the armed forces, it is very difficult. Often triggered some ancient stereotype that private traders, they say, nothing good will do not a priori, because they do not have such a school, and a base that is available to large state-owned enterprises. And because they can!

Alexey Sorokin — general director of the plant weapons systems on the basis of which it was an exhibition, with undisguised pride says:

— We were able to create a research and production complex, which is the technical equipment — one of the best in Europe. Our company proves that Russia can mass-produce world-class products, competitive not only in price but also in quality. We were on the back that ambitious goal we have set ourselves: to restore our country’s position as a leading developer and manufacturer of modern weapons!

Summing up the exhibition, the first deputy chairman of the Military-Industrial Commission Yuri Borisov, said:

— We must do everything possible to help private enterprises to adapt to log in the military-industrial complex. We need a level playing field to promote their designs created on its own initiative, make sure it reaches the customer without bureaucratic obstacles. Military-Industrial Commission in this direction will work.

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