Private producers defense industry — 2013

Photo report about the exhibition "Private producers defense industry — 2013", which was held in Moscow at the arms factory ORSIS. The exhibition demonstrated the expert community to achieve private Russian companies in the production of products for the Russian defense industry. Their achievements show of "Daedalus", "Fire", "Tulamo" BUT refinery, "tactical decision", "Faraday", "Droboliteyny and ammunition plant FETTER", "Innovative safety," SPC "InfraTeh" and others.

  • ORSIS T-5000
  • ORSIS T-5000

(38 photos)

Stand shoe manufacturer Faraday

The system of long-range observation, identification and targeting Predator

Multispectral Multipurpose System surveillance, detection and targeting Sokol

Two-channel thermal imaging device around the clock television applications Stalker-384

Universal observation device of Leader

Digital surveillance device Observer

The thermal imaging device clock surveillance Myth

The device detection optics and surveillance Antisnayper

Thermal sights and Skanda Skanda 25 60

Skanda 25

Skanda 60

Predobektivnaya nozzle night vision Skanda PNVA-75

Thermal head to day sights IT-1TCWS

Night vision sight InfraTech IT-404D

Night vision sight InfraTech IT-406H

Night vision sight InfraTech IT-204C

Nightlife tip InfraTech IT-320D

Night vision sight 1PN93-2

Night sight PN23-3

Night sight PN23-5

Thermal Monocular MT2

Sergei Lysyuk and night vision Dedal-370

Night vision goggles Oilman, delivered in 2011-2012. 25 articles in the special forces, of which 15 in the FSB and the Interior Ministry 10

Day sight variable multiplicity Narodovolets, passed state. testing, is preparing to the adoption of the FSB of Russia, the first batch delivered to the FSB

Night sight Steward, delivered in 2011-2012. 125 articles in the special forces, of which 75 in the FSB and the Interior Ministry 50

Day / night vi
Numismatist, delivered in 2011-2012. a special unit 401 in PBS, 81 in FSO, 95 in the Interior Ministry, 76 and 70 in the Federal Drug Control in the Federal Penitentiary Service

Night vision sight DS 19

Sport pistol cartridges

Pistol cartridges military

Machine-gun and rifle cartridges

Ready guns Marocchi in the assembly shop

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