Private Russian lunar rover will be built in the summer of

The domestic unit will be equipped with cameras and high-definition video cameras, as well as soil-device (FigureSmirnovDesign).

A working prototype of "Selenokhod" — the first private lunar rover from Russia — will be on the tests in the summer of 2012. Team of the same name, which is developing the unit, also said it is considering launching a new version of the robot to the moon.

Company "Selenokhod", resident space cluster innovation center "Skolkovo", a step closer to its goal — winning the prize in the International Competitionrovers Google Lunar X PRIZE. Recall that in this competition, the team wins, the first at the expense of private financing to build and send to Selena-propelled machine. He has to go on the surface of at least 500 meters and transmit to Earth pictures and videos.

Proposal competition organizers valid until the end of 2015. And "Selenokhod" have the opportunity to meet the deadline. OnAccording to Executive Director of "Selenokhod" Sergei Grizzly, the company is in talks with the Institute of Space Research of the possible dispatch "Selenokhod" as passing loads with a landing probe "Luna-Glob", to be launched just in 2015. Previously it was assumed that "Selenokhod" buy separate start conversion "Dnepr", but the associated start-up profitable.

To comply with the rules of the competition the team will still have to pay their share in the launch of "Luna-Glob" (scheduled carrier — "Zenith 3SLBF"), But because the robot Selenokhod very light (about 5 kg), the amount may be small. "However, it is not clear whether this type of startup counted by the Organizing Committee. If not, we will start work on a second one starting "- added Grizzly.

In the meantime, the issue will be resolved, "Selenokhod" will take all the necessary tests that rely for space technology — vacuum chamber, thermal testing, vibration table, and so on. In addition, to test the original drive will be walking up a small model of the lunar surface.

Recall that in the competition with a total prize pool of $ 30 million (of which $ 20 million are put in the first place) involves 26 teams from different countries. All details of the Russian project, you can learn from Our review. And below you can see the final version of the movie, showing in detail the work "Selenokhod" on the lunar surface.

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