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In Russia annually produces about 3.8 billion tons of all kinds of waste. The amount of solid waste is 63 million tons / year (an average of 445 kg per person). Our country is not developed ecological culture, and to the level of the European infrastructure for the collection of separate debris us even as the moon. Today, thousands of units of sorting household waste and transported it to the collection points. And very few who are willing to pay 1,000 rubles for that to properly dispose of your old refrigerator. Simply put it in the trash.

1. The company recently invited me to Eldorado industrial site UKO recycling and disposal of waste. UKO company operates in all regions of the Russian Federation has its own specials. trucks for disposal of solid waste, equipment for initial treatment of secondary metal and plastic waste. To date it is the only company operating in the Russian federal level.
Taking the product for recycling, the company conducts a thorough analysis of them, trying to extract the maximum liquid secondary resources (plastics, metals, radio-electronic components) and to minimize the remainder to be transmitted to special landfills. After this process, waste is sent for disposal is not 96%, and only about 7%. All the rest — for recycling.

When buying any home appliances in Europe, the buyer offered to hand in the old junk. To do this, in the shops, there are special departments, and the Europeans accustomed instead to throw appliances in the trash or in a ditch, carry all the equipment to the collection points. Also in stores take old clothes, used batteries, etc. In Russia, most people do not even know where and how you can take the old appliances.

— The main supplier of home appliances to our site — the company Eldorado, launched "Utilization"- Says Artem Ermolin (Director UKO, a chemist by training, engaged in the sphere of processing since the 90s.) — The essence of the campaign is simple. Eldorado Shops offer a discount on their products in exchange for the old equipment. We take this technique and recycle it properly. action happens twice a year, on average, lasts for two months. During these shares we process huge volumes of refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, televisions and any other equipment — from 40 to 70 thousand cubic meters. If you add up all this technique in trucks, you get a chain length of 12 kilometers. Today transported more than 3,500 eurotrucks. This is slightly higher than the 100-story building with a base 30×30 meters.

2. The first phase of work on recycling — acceptance and sorting products by product groups.

3. Further techniques are extracted from sites that contain non-ferrous metals, electronics, if any, liquid plastics and glass.

4. An important stage of disposal of refrigerators and air conditioners — is pumping Freon, hazardous substance that destroys the ozone layer.

5. All components are processed. Crushed glass, plastic parts are broken up, and the metal is pressed.

6. 600-ton stern press.

7. The output is now such cubes, which are sold to be melted down for steel mills.

8. About the cost of raw materials: in Russia is a ton of Chermet costs no more than 9,000 rubles. In England, more than 15 thousand.

9. A pack of former washing machines.

10. In addition to household appliances, the company UKO recycles paper, plastic, cellophane and styrofoam. At a special press crushes all the trash and pack it in a compact pallet, weighing 300-400 kg.

11. Mount plastic. Plastic later sent to a grinder and the resulting powder out for processing.

12. Aluminium.

13. Extruded polyethylene cubes.

14. Single story with the disposal of computer equipment.

15. Components are sorted by their values: motherboards, processors, power supplies, cables … The most valuable thing in the computer — the motherboard.

16. Radio-electronic scrap sell to a refiner — enterprises engaged in production of high purity precious metals. At the output of the chips obtained bank bullion.
One ton of motherboards turns pound bar of silver and 100 grams of gold.

Rating recycled by its values:
Precious metals (Gold, Rhodium, Platinum, Palladium, Silver)
Glass Findings:

Let it is the beginning. I am very pleased that the company Eldorado with UKO invented and launched the campaig
n "Disposal" that there are companies that recycle household waste, and each year the processing volumes are growing. The action "Disposal" has become a benchmark for the entire retail sector: now such actions trigger not only sellers technology, but also the furniture and even clothes and shoes. Maybe in ten years we will themselves take the old equipment to collection points, and we will not need to stimulate discounts and gifts.

Maybe a miracle will happen, and the state will connect to this problem by introducing tax incentives to reduce the cost of production using waste, stimulate demand for such products and supporting the establishment of production facilities for processing waste. I would like to believe it.

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