Produced in Russia ROCKWOOL cylinders fully comply

European standards!

Company ROCKWOOL launching new seams of cylinders designed for the thermal insulation of industrial pipelines with flow temperatures up to +680 ° C. ROCKWOOL seams cylinders 100 and 150 have already been successfully tested by the new method of measurement of thermal conductivity of EN ISO 8497:1996. This standard provides a more accurate thermal conductivity of the middle layer of insulation hollow cylindrical products and introduced as a guest in Russia since 1 November 2013. ROCKWOOL company became the first Russian producer who has successfully tested the products according to the new requirements. 

  • Cylinders ROCKOOL
  • Cylinders ROCKOOL

By the properties of the cylinder seams ROCKWOOL include: Effective thermal insulation; Chemical resistance to oils, solvents, alkalis; Biological stability; High speed and ease of installation, maintainability; Fire protection; High-temperature applications. ROCKWOOL seams cylinders 100 and 150 are designed for insulation of piping and equipment in virtually all industries to extremely high temperatures without losing its insulating properties. Maximum operating temperature Cylinders seams ROCKWOOL 100 is +650 ° C, and cylinders seams ROCKWOOL 150 — +680 ° C. In addition, for the cylinder seams ROCKWOOL 100 provides coverage foil having a layout for cutting at an angle of 45 °, which allows for installation without cutting the product miter box.  

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