Produced stocking Reftinsky reservoir (Sverdlovsk region).

In the water running 250 thousand carp fingerlings and 20 million fry of grass carp to 20 grams each. This event is aimed at improving the water quality parameters and restoration of aquatic biological resources of the reservoir. Stocking will increase the volume of catch in the reservoir is 100 tons.

The event is part of an agreement between the Government of the Sverdlovsk region and JSC "OGK-5". Stocking the pond itself is a joint effort of several ministries and departments of the Sverdlovsk Region — Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Ministry of Natural Resources, Nizhneobskogo Territorial Directorate of Fisheries. Silver carp and grass carp are fish stocks, land reclamation, which help cleanse the body of water from overgrowing. Fry of silver carp and grass carp raised in Reftinsky fish farm.

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