Produced the first experimental batch of inhalers xenon and its mixtures with oxygen for anesthesia and treatment

In the second half of June (23-24 June 2011) at the Congress Center Special Economic Zone "Dubna" (science city, the largest in the Russian Center for Research in Nuclear Physics), the exhibition-conference "Central Federal District: the innovative companies — system health. "

The event was attended by representatives of the Office of the President of Russia, ministries (Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Economic Development), the Russian Federation, heads of executive authorities and policy makers from the regions, more than 400 developers and manufacturers, health care professionals, representatives of Medical Sciences, as well as 53 innovative companies operating in the field of new medical developments.

The keen interest of exhibitors was the report of the representatives of JSC "ATOM-MED Center" on the joint with "Tyumen aerosols’ innovative developments in the application of xenon and its mixtures with oxygen for medical purposes: for anesthesia, cardiovascular, cancer, viral diseases, abstinence syndrome in alcoholism and drug addiction, recovery, and improve mental and physical endurance of man.

Also presented are valid samples of the first batch preparations mixture of xenon and oxygen under the trademark "Medksenon" spray, which makes its use more simple and affordable.


Due to their unique physical and chemical properties of the noble gas xenon is becoming more widely used in medicine. This is because an effective combination of low toxicity with the possibility to dissolve in biological fluids and cell membranes, thus affecting the metabolic and cellular processes through physical and biophysical mechanisms.
The main therapeutic effect of xenon — it obscheorganizmennoe and system-wide action aimed not only at the individual pathology, but also to a number of interrelated functions of the body to restore control (regulation) organs and systems in general — from the central nervous system to the regional level. The most pronounced pathological processes in the body, and the first to feel the beneficial effects of xenon therapy.…049049052051054048056.jpg
Many functional changes (symptoms) disappear (subjective) from the first minute inhalation of xenon. After treatments xenon improves overall health, mood, sleep, patients become more alert and active. The course postksenonovoy neyrometricheskie therapy improves performance and increases the possibility of human physiological perception of the speed of information processing.
Currently, there are the first positive results of "Medksenona" in the treatment of alcoholism and drug abuse, heart disease, cancer, viral and other diseases.
There is also a high practical results in the preparation and participation of the Russian athletes in the World Championships and Olympic Games.
Working samples of the first inhalers "Medksenona" in spray cans will continue to work on the study of complex and short-course treatment with mixtures of inert gases, in strict compliance with environmental and safe for human health practices that currently have no analogues in the world.

Press Service, "Tyumen aerosols"

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