Production and export of oil in 2011

Extraction of oil and gas condensate in 2011 increased by 1.2% — to 511.31 million tons.
Russian oil exports in 2011 fell by 1.3% (3.16 million tons) compared to last year — up to 241.83 million tons.


According to the Ministry of Energy of Russia, December oil exports fell by 4.2% — up to 20 million 511 thousand tons.

UPD: the production of oil for the entire 2011 statistics yet, but there are over 11 months:

MOSCOW, December 2 — RIA Novosti. The volume of gasoline in Russia in January-November 2011 increased by 1.6% compared to the same period in 2010 and amounted to 33.38 million tons, the materials of the CDU TEK.

Release of diesel fuel increased by 0.7% — up to 64.595 million tons of fuel oil — by 3.4% to 65.645 million tonnes of jet fuel — by 1.4% to 8,536 million tons.

According to CDU TEK shipments of crude oil for refining in Russia in January-November rose by 3.5% to 235.279 million tonnes in November — 21,241 million tonnes (up 1.5%). Primary processing of oil to refineries in 11 months increased by 2.6% to 233 million tonnes in November — 20,768 million tonnes (down 0.7%).

MED expects that the production of motor gasoline in 2011 will amount to 36.7 million tons (up 1.9%), manufacture of diesel fuel is expected to reach 71.1 million tons (up 1.7%), production of fuel oil in 2011 will be 72.3 million tons (an increase of 4%).

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