Production and trading company Grinadini

Ltd. "Grinadini" — a modern, dynamic production company, founded in 1999, specializing in the manufacture of products containing in its composition only natural ingredients.

Brand Greenadini — the production of food containing, consisting only natural ingredients.
Deliveries throughout Russia and the CIS.
We produce products such as:
— Artificial roe seaweed: red, black. As a part of which only the agar-agar seaweed, fish oil and black colors — charcoal, red — beet;
— Tomato paste, ketchup;
— Bird frozen, chilled poultry;
— Eggs chicken;
— Corn Sticks, rice, popcorn, roasted sunflower seeds;
— Snack products, fish, snacks, salmon susheno-jerky, dried fish, fish Preserves;
— Conservation: corn, peas, salad borscht, pickled tomatoes and cucumbers.

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