Production Company Altonika launched a line of selective moisture protection of electronic modules

The main activities of the company "Altonika" are the design and manufacture of automotive and industrial electronics, radio channel security systems, medical equipment and radio communications.

"Production Company" Altonika "(Moscow) launched the fully automatic line moisture protection of electronic modules.

This technology is being introduced to replace manual labor for applying protective coatings designed to reduce the cost of operations, improve quality and repeatability, and, most importantly, allow the application of the protective coating on the mass-volume products, without resorting to a lack of "labor."

After analyzing the proposals of the market has been chosen the basic material for the protection of electronic modules — UV40 production company HumiSeal. The material has high adaptability for mass production, since it is cured by ultraviolet radiation. In this technology, after protecting the electronic module may have 2-3 minutes (the time of UV curing chamber) transferred to the next operation, and process is not interrupted for a long drying (such as by using traditional materials).

In addition, active material is not included in the list of HIF, respectively, the requirements for placement and organization of work are significantly lower than with conventional materials.

The line is equipped with an automatic installation of protective coatings SL-940E with flexible rotary atomizers workers from the company Asymtek / Nordson BV.

According to the general director of "PC Altonika" Seeds Lukacheva: "Investments in new equipment were primarily caused by the ever-increasing requirements for serial and reduce the cost of key customers of the company. It segments such as industrial automation, auto electronics, security systems, utilities — an area where there is often demands for reliability and dependability of electronics for operation in the harsh conditions require the introduction of the operation of protective coatings for electronic modules. Our company plans to further increase the level of automation and increase production capacity to match the plans and ambitions of our key customers. "

Selection of technology, equipment supply and commissioning were carried out long-term partner of the company "PC Altonika" — the Enterprise Ostec.

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