Production company Millennium — design and installation of crane equipment

The company Millennium together with other industrial enterprises of St. Petersburg, such as aspirin and Ladoga transport factory for 10 years provides its products and services to the industrial enterprises in Russia and the CIS markets. The main areas of work — crane equipment (winches, cockpit) and the current leads.
For 10 years, the forces of production capacity Millennium was arranged work and crane systems are installed on tens of factories in Russia and other CIS countries. The main consumer services company — the manufacturing sector.


Together with its European partners AKAPP-STEMMANN, Rialex Crane Systems, Valente were developed and implemented on domestic production unique system of flexible mounting rails, which can significantly reduce the wear of the wheels due to uniform stress distribution under the rail, as well as get rid of a large number of joints. The company has a substantial list of their own unique designs, recognized not only in Russia but also in Europe.

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