Production in Russia increased by 11.8% in 2010

Statistics released in industrial production in 2010.

The index of industrial production in 2010. compared to 2009. was 108.2%;
in December 2010. compared to December 2009. — 106.3%, compared with November 2010. — 104.3%.

Let me draw your attention to the following figures

Industry as a whole has increased this year by 8.2% with GDP growth of 4%

"Dynamics of production by economic activity"

Mining and quarrying — 3.6%
Production and distribution of electricity, gas and water — 4.1%
Manufacturing industry — 11.8%

We see that the most rapid growth, with an increase of the order going through manufacturing, ie Russia, more recycles its own resources. The growth in energy is also greater than in the extraction of resources, but lags far behind recycling. Now I understand why so many in Russia are building power plants — a rapid growth of the industry could face a shortage of electricity.

Dynamics of production by economic activity too happy. The fall only by a few industries, and those in the majority are related to the food industry, which reflected the summer drought. But for most types of products, growth and sometimes large.

Steam turbines and steam turbines Other — 195.7%
Machine tools — 112.3%
Semiconductor devices, piezoelectric crystals assembly — 132.5%
Cars — 2 times.
Buses — 126.4
Trucks (including chassis) (except for dump trucks) — 164.8
Electric Trunk changeable DC — 169.8

And so on. That is, it is talking about our site, supported by statistics!

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