Production of 90-nm chips open for Micron

February 17 

"RUSNANO" and JSC "Sitronics" announce the opening production of chips based on 90nm technology. Starting the new line will increase the plant’s capacity to double to 36,000 wafers with a diameter of 200 mm per year. The total budget of the project amounts to 16.5 billion rubles, including co-financing RUSNANO of 6.5 billion rubles.

"The private component base ensures the independence of the state, so what do colleagues of Sitronics and RUSNANO will be fully supported by the leadership of the country", — said Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Rogozin.

"For us, this project is of strategic importance, — said General Director of JSC" RTI " Sergey Fights, — At the heart of any innovation builds on achievements in the field of micro-and nanoelectronics. Russia became the eighth country in the world, which has 90nm technology, and it will allow domestic producers to take a niche in the market of industrial electronics, smart cards, and security monitoring systems. "

"The successful launch of the project to create a platform for further development of the domestic microelectronics industry and in due time to go global growth market. Now the world share of production at the 90nm chips with the topology and above is about 75%. The project — a vivid example of joint public and private investment in high-tech manufacturing, "- said the deputy chairman of the board of JSC" RUSNANO " Andrei Malyshev.

Chips made on 90nm technology will be used in computer systems, industrial automation systems, foreign passports, smart cards and applications related to electronic government. Domestic manufacturing base will allow the Russian high-tech companies to build devices with unique properties that ensure their access to world markets.

"Production of a complete cycle with R & D-center will allow us to integrate into the world market, using its own know-how and technology. The project creates conditions for the revival of the Russian "Silicon Valley" of education and training world-class, — President of "Sitronics" Sergey Aslanyan. — We have put together the best in the Russian team of engineers and scientists, about 300 people have been trained by the world’s leading industries, and dozens of engineers, who had gone abroad to work, come back. "

"In addition to releasing a batch production, the project will be the R & D-base testing and commercialization of know-how of Russian companies in the field of microelectronics," — said the head of "Microelectronics" Gennady KRASNIKOV.

To start a new line in the factory "Micron" further built 700 m? clean zones and expanded infrastructure factory installed 45 additional pieces of equipment. In total, the project involved more than 50 companies from 12 countries. More than 110 engineers have been trained on the plant partner factories and research bases abroad.


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