Production of analytical equipment for nanotechnology launched in Moscow

In Moscow launched the first phase of production of high-precision measurement equipment for research in micro-and nano-meter scale.

Production belongs "Center for Advanced Technologies" — The project company set up with the financial participation of RUSNANO. The total budget of the project amounts to 387 million rubles.

scanning probe microscope FemtoScan with full control via the Internet


"The new facilities are equipped with the latest equipment, able to handle the details of devices with ultra-high accuracy level of up to 10 nanometers," — According to the "RUSNANO".

multi-analyzer of chemical and biological agents atomic scale Bioscan


New capacity will in 2012 to double the production capacity of the enterprise and achieve sales revenue of 70 million rubles. On Launches SPM FemtoScan sold more than 50 methods of scanning probe microscopy. The device makes it possible to conduct research in various fields of chemistry, physics, biology, medicine, materials science, etc.

"One of the main reasons for RUSNANO’s investment in the business is to understand that without this class of Russian analytical equipment is simply impossible to full development of nanotechnology in the country. Moreover, today we are seeing a significant demand for probe microscopes and atomic scales from both the Russian educational institutions and research laboratories, and foreign research centers, "- said RUSNANO Managing Director Georgy Kolpachev.

"Nanotechnology — a highly intellectual scope. Fortunately, we managed to create a very young team, mostly graduates of Moscow State University. University. Ahead of the plan for one year we were able to run the new facility. We have the tools, CNC machining centers, shops, turners and millers 6th discharge, technologists and designers. We have implemented a concept developed by us and the chain — University-Plant: ideas born in the minds of scientists, should be quickly implemented in the finished product, "- said General Director of the" Centre for Advanced Technologies "Igor Yaminsky.

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