Production of cement in Russia grew by 10% g in up to 61.6 million tons.

The consumption of cement in Russia in 2012 increased by 13% YoY to 63.8 million tonnes. The production of cement increased by 10% to 61.6 million tons, according to the Union of Cement Manufacturers’ Soyuzcement. "

Russia increased production, consumption and import of cement

According to the forecast for the current year, cement consumption in Russia will grow to 70 million tonnes cement capacity will increase to 103 million tons. 

Meanwhile, imports of cement in 2012 grew by 81% yoy. According to the executive director of the "Soyuzcement" Mikhail Kiselyov, the import of cement is dangerous for two reasons.

"The first — is the poor quality of imported cement and its incompatibility with the Russian climate.

The second threat is related to the price dumping, as a result of which the Russian producers do not receive the necessary funds for the modernization of existing facilities and construction of new plants, "- said Kiselev.

In 2012, Russian companies have imported cement from more than 40 countries, including Turkey, Iran, China, where climatic and other conditions, and accordingly the quality requirements of cement, different from Russian.

At the conclusion of test and research center of building materials, products and structures SUE "SRI" Mosstroy "," the use of imported cement today leads to a reduction in strength characteristics and durability of the timing of projects under construction, and in some cases should simply be prohibited. "

Companies do not certify imported cement or certify only the first batch. Follow the party no one checks. "In this series of certificates issued by foreign production of cement by certification bodies that do not have their own laboratories and with the presence of gross inconsistencies with the requirements of GOST.

For example, a certificate can be obtained in a day, whereas the standard test procedure cement quality takes at least two months, as the test results are known only at day 28. The consequence is a sharp decline in security built facilities "- said Kiselev.

Industry needs technical regulations adopted at the level of the Customs Union. "The sooner this happens, the less people will suffer from collapsed buildings and structures built on substandard and counterfeit cement", — concluded Kiselev.

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