Production of equipment for the oil industry. NPF Packer

In the contest of videos about companies Industrial Russia continue to get acquainted with the productions from all over Russia. Research and production firm "Packer" from October, the Republic Bashkorkostan is committed to producing machines and equipment for mining operations: packer and anchor equipment, samplers, formation testers, and more. Also, the company’s specialists are developing new types of technical equipment for the oil companies. Watch the video! We learn something new about the domestic industry.

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Briefly about the company:

Limited Liability Company Scientific and Production Company "Packer"
NPF "Packer"
Date of establishment of the enterprise: April 14, 1992
Place of business: Mr. October, the Republic of Bashkortostan
Industry: Machinery
Main products: Manufacture of machinery and equipment for mining operations: development and production packer and anchor equipment and spare parts, development and production of anchors, samplers, formation testers, instrument landing, an anchor — a pipe holder; valves.
The total number of employees of which 642 young people (33% men 30%, women 3%)
Major advances enterprise:
NPF "Packer" has established itself as a reliable supplier of packer and anchor downhole equipment layouts for 250 oil and gas and service companies in Russia and CIS countries.
NPF "Packer" The student award of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of quality for 2011
NPF "Packer" Laureate President of the Republic of Bashkortostan in the quality of products for the year 2011 (1st place)


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