Production of fiber lasers in Russia

The state corporation "RUSNANO" to invest in expanding Russian-made fiber lasers used to work with the hardware, as well as in telecommunications equipment for long-haul communications.
In accordance with the agreement signed in the framework of the Forum on Nanotechnologies RUSNANO acquires the company IPG Photonics to 25.1% of the shares of its Russian "daughter" NTO "IRE-Polus" worth up to $ 50 million originally RUSNANO acquires 12.5% stake a $ 25 million investment corporation will be used to expand production facilities in the suburban Friazino, sales development and new technologies.
According to the General Director of NTO "IRE-Polus" Valentine Gapontseva in the next few years, the company’s turnover could reach $ 300 million that the Russian company to take up 30% of the business IPG Phoronics.

The most interesting thing is that IPG Phoronics, registered in Oxford (United States) in 1998, grew out of Russian scientific and technical association "IRE-Polus", based head of the Laboratory of the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics, Russian Academy of Sciences Valentin Gapontseva in 1991. Now IPG consists of nine companies in the United States, Germany, Russia, Britain, Italy, Japan, India, Korea and China. The staff of about 1 million people, about 300 of them — in Russia. In general, despite the transnational nature of the business, 80% of workers in the IPG — Russians. Control of the company and its patents in the hands of Russian scientists and engineers. The main shareholder of the company at the moment is the founder Valentin Gapontcev, which owns 24.18% of the company. Another major shareholder is a company IP Fibre Devices LTD — its share is 17.32%. Key manufacturing facilities are located in the United States (Oxford), Germany (Siegen) and Russia (Friazino). In December 2006, IPG Photonics IPO on the American Stock Exchange NASDAQ: company and investors put 20% of the shares. On the first day of trading IPG rose from $ 16.6 to $ 25, the capitalization of $ 1.2 billion
The innovative character development is confirmed by the presence of 360 patents on more than 50 objects of know-how. In the past few years, the turnover of the company increased annually by more than 40%.
Specialization IPG Photonics — laser medium and high power (their scope

), The worldwide market now exceeds $ 3 billion, and under a variety of machines and systems based on them — $ 10 billion. Although in this market are the major Western firms, that this Russian company, without government support, investment and resources managed to make a revolution, creating for the first time in the early 1990s on the basis of special fibers fiber lasers with a power of tens, then hundreds, and finally thousands and Tens of thousands of watts. Since the mid-1990s, parallel work in this area were intensively many large and medium-sized firms in the U.S., Europe and Japan. In many countries, these developments have reached the level actively funded national programs. However, IPG Photonics, though incomparably more modest human and financial resources, was able to run rings around the competition. Substantial gap persists to this day.
Currently IPG produces more than 100 models for various applications of lasers with a power range from 5.10 W to 100 kW. Now the company is the production of laser machines, robotic welding and other specialized integrated systems.
Thanks to its know-how and use their own hardware components, the results obtained in the company for ten years can not repeat the world’s largest companies. As a result, IPG controls the prices and 75-80% of sales in this segment of the market.
Based company IPG — NTO "IRE-Polus" — intends to build its own powerful industrial complex and become a key player in Fryazino tehnoklastera "Photonics". The share of NTO in the IPG business organically increase to 30-40%, and the NTO will be her financial leader. This will finally be fixed positioning IPG as the Russian transnational corporations.

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