Production of humic substances without chemical process

In St. Petersburg, shoved the production of biologically active humic substances from peat.

The greatest distribution of humic substances were in crop as safe from the point of view of environmental protection alternative fertilizers and, in some cases, pesticides. Eating animals and birds, strengthens the immune system and significantly increases the gain in body mass, reduces the amount of feed.

At present, around the world there has been increased interest in the humic substances, improved production technology, expanding resource base, which involved new types of coal, peat, oil shale, peloids. Improvement of production technology is finding receipt of humic substances without chemical intervention in the production process.

The company "Golden Island" in its production used a new technology without the use of chemicals, developed by scientists NOVOSIBIRSK. Obtained an environmentally friendly product, the content of humic substances as high as 41%!

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