Production of IL-76 and IL-78 transferred from Tashkent to Russia

Manufacture of transport aircraft Il-76 aerial tankers and Il-78 will be transferred from Tashkent to Russia, where it will set up the appropriate manufacturing center. On this, as reported by "Interfax", said the Director of the Department of the military-industrial complex of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Igor caravan. According to him, the aircraft issued by the Russian company will, in particular, delivered to China under a contract from 2005.

Significant delays in the supply of IL-76 and IL-78 are connected to China, according to Karavayeva, so that the base of the plant manufacturer of aircraft — Tashkent Aircraft Production Association named after Chkalov (Chkalov) — is not located on the territory of Russia. Currently contract with China has failed. As expected, Russia and China will soon sign an additional agreement to the contract, which will be revised terms of delivery aircraft.

The contract with China for the supply of 34 IL-76 and IL-78 four was signed in September 2005. Its cost is estimated at $ 1.5 billion. Currently, under the agreement with China executed supply D-30KP-2 aircraft grade "IL". The agreement for the supply of engines provides an option to supply additional 33 engines.

In October 2010 it was reported that the Tashkent Economic Court began bankruptcy proceedings against TAPOiCH. This plant is finishing assembly of IL-76, IL-78 and IL-114. The majority of Russian export orders for aircraft «IL» previously performed together with the Tashkent now.

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