Production of LED lamps

Thanks to an interesting community kak_eto_sdelano recently managed to attend the exclusive visit laboratory "fibers". It is a Russian production company which produces lighting products using LEDs. The company manufactures LED bulbs and spotlights, electronic boards, clocks, etc. Production has been around since 2003 and is located in Moscow, in the premises of Technopark "Glory."

It all starts in a small laboratory. From general office of its distinguished by the presence of various devices and instruments. Here sit developers and creative reigns mess. Laboratory specialists invent new products and bring them to release into production. Usually, in a parallel development is from three to six samples.



The production itself is very compact and is located in one large room. Half of the room is a warehouse. Here are stored LEDs, lens blanks for enclosures and printed circuit boards. "The light" itself does not produce light-emitting diodes, and buys them from the German and Russian manufacturers (used product Osram, OptoGaN).

3. Warehouse

4. Completing neatly sorted into racks, employee demonstrates LEDs


6. This lens signal lights. These are used, for example, beacons. 
The lens is designed so that light is scattered in the horizontal plane.

7. Board for hours

8. Production

9. Robots and ovens

10. The robot puts the LEDs on the PCB

On the tapes are fixed parts, and, guided by the program and the compressor, the manipulator picks necessary and puts them in places soldering on the circuit board.

11. The process can be controlled from a PC

Now "The light" bought another, more universal robot. When we were on tour, the unit was already connected, but was in a stage setting.

12. It looks like a new robot

13. Part of the work is still done by hand

Final soldering takes place in the oven — it allows you to increase output and achieve consistent quality.

14. Almost Ready LED

15. LED lights for utilities — yet without lampshades

16. Office lighting

17. So look near the placards installed, such as in Domodedovo airport

18. Stand for testing of finished products

Characteristics of the finished products is checked in a special dark room — the laboratory, which is equipped with instrumentation for monitoring of electrical and lighting parameters: Goniophotometric installation SpectroColorimetry, power analyzers, etc. Instruments for measuring all the required parameters, as well as special programs for them are developed by experts "fibers". Sometimes, the company also bought conclusion about the quality of lamps and fixtures from other manufacturers.

19. Device for controlling the parameters of lamps and lighting fixtures

20. The scope for the control parameters of the individual LEDs

Special computer program gives the results of measurements, not only in the form of digital features, but also in the form of visual graphs here:




To demonstrate the finished product company "light guide" is currently finishing the creation of the showroom.

24. Here you can see the variety of color temperatures of the LED bulbs

25. LED lamps "Plant"

26. Obstruction lights a
nd industrial lighting

27. Weatherproof lights to illuminate paths, pools and fountains

28. Industrial lights "Turin" and lamps for Housing "Entrada"

29. The variety of office fixtures


31. Attempting production budget of street lights (friendly Belarusian enterprises)

32. In this photo we see that in the lamp used lenses of various shapes 
(To reach the correct chart — the so-called "butterfly")

33. LED lamp "Perm" for use in obstruction lights

Our trip came to an end. In the course of communication with enterprise was able to learn that LED lights are widely used in offices and factories. But for home use in Russia is not very popular. After all, in spite of the high reliability, long life, two-year warranty and economical power consumption, these lamps are quite expensive ("Plant" — similar 60W incandescent lamp — 785 rubles). A benefit of their purchase will be visible to the consumer only after ten years. Not every citizen can afford to pay a substantial sum at once. But LED lights are essential where there are frequent power surges.

By the way, contrary to popular belief about the impossibility of quality dimmable LED lamps, "fibers", and managed to do it.

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