Production of military aircraft in Russia in 2011


Here in the next post there was a dispute about the amount produced in 2011 fighters. I’ll try to cover the topic through March issue magazine "Rise".

"In 2010, the Russian aviation industry has been built and delivered to the Armed Forces of Russia and exported a total of nearly one hundred new combat aircraft.’s Roughly 70% more than the year before, when dispatched to customers about six dozen new cars. Received 28 aircraft Last year in the domestic Air Force, and about seven dozen (including aircraft kits for the licensed production in India) were exported. "



Now in more detail. Deliveries to the Russian Air Force:


Su-27SM (3) 12

Su-34 6

Su-35s 2

Yak-130 8


Deliveries for export:


MiG-29K/KUB (India) 10

MiG-29 (Myanmar) 6

Su-30MK2 (Vietnam) 8

Su-30MK2 (Uganda) 4

Su-30MKI (India) 16

Sioux 30MKA (Algeria) 8

Yak-130 (Algeria) 16

A-50EI (India) 1


For comparison, here data for 2010:




With regard to civil aircraft, it is all much easier. 2009-12 cars in 2010 to 14 in 2011 to 17.

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