Production of military helicopters Ka-52 Alligator factory AAK Progress

Blogger smitsmitty published many beautiful photos from the plant "Progress"

"Arsenyev Aviation Company" Progress "named Sazykina" — one of the largest aerospace industry in Russia. The card of the plant are produced on the orders of the Ministry of Defense combat helicopters Ka-52 "Alligator" Kamov design bureau. Tackle the big picture story about how building these legendary cars.
JSC "Arsenyev Aviation Company" Progress "to them. Sazykina NI" — aircraft manufacturing company, located in Arsenyev, one of the largest aerospace industry in Russia. Included in the holding company "Helicopters of Russia".

Aviation equipment produced by the plant, has repeatedly demonstrated at international air shows and exhibitions weapons. AAK "Progress" for decades worked closely with world-renowned design offices — AS Yakovlev, DC Antonova, ML Mil MI Kamov, "Raduga".

The plant begins to work at 8 am, already at 8.30 nowhere to park here, because the plant employs more than 6,000 people.

The production area of the plant — 290 000 sq.m.

Residents Arsenyev have become accustomed to frequent flying helicopters over the city and do not even pay attention to them. So it is very easy to calculate visitor :))

Whole Plant has 30 shops primary and secondary production. I start with foundry.

In this shop is set to none in the Russian Italian integrated mechanized line for the manufacture of molds and castings of aluminum, magnesium and iron, cast steel.

Advanced technology provides increased dimensional precision castings, their physical characteristics, but also allows you to make molds for magnesium, aluminum, steel and cast iron on the same hardware.

Until recently, the foundries of "Progress" — titanium, cast iron, steel, aluminum and magnesium, were located in different buildings. All of this equipment has been used for over 30 years and has considerable wear, part of the complex was under repair or not working at all. Therefore, the form for melting metals had produced manually by ramming earth mixture. And it is very time-consuming process. Now, with the introduction of the new complex, to form castings are made not of clay, sand and earth, and of special cold-mixes. This allows to increase the dimensional accuracy of the casting, as well as their density and elasticity. This technology enables to produce forms of magnesium, aluminum, iron and steel in the same equipment.

Then go to machine shop software machining area 1933 square meters. m

Very accurate mechanical computer-controlled machines are designed for machining of large parts and components and perform all operations — boring machines, lathes, milling machines.

Shop software processing parts of "AAK" Progress "is equipped with machines CTX 300 Alpha-D manufactured by the German company DMG. This company has supplied to the company turning and milling centers, which are currently operating successfully, mastered a wide range of parts.

With these machines handle all types of materials that are now used in the enterprise.

The plant was set up a group that is developing control programs for new equipment. It was composed of young promising and responsible professionals. The enterprise purchased software for virtual testing of control programs "Vericut".

The holy of holies "Progress" — aggregate-assembly plant:

Then out of the thousands of parts sculpted shape of the helicopter

October 29, 2008 in the town of Arsenyev Primorsky Krai "Progress" plant began mass production of combat helicopters Ka-52 "Alligator"

According to data from public sources, by 2015, the Air Force should get 12 cars.

The development of the upgraded double attack helicopter Ka-52 on the basis of single-seat Ka-50 "Black Shark" began in 1994. June 25, 1997 the first flight of a new car. But due to financial constraints it is not able to run in batch production. The decision to start the work was taken only after the creation of the helicopter integrated group of the "OPK" Oboronprom ", bringing together almost all the companies involved in the design and manufacture of Russian helicopters.

The Ka-52 can carry on fighting day and night, both in simple and in difficult weather conditions, using all means of destruction. Reconnaissance vehicle commander and army aviation improves the efficiency of the group of troops. Furthermore, the Ka-52 can be used as a teaching for the preparation and he
licopter pilot training.

In the production of the original flight characteristics of the Ka-52 plan to increase due to the installation of more powerful engines, the joint development of the St. Petersburg plant. Klimov and JSC "Motor Sich". These engines power ratings up to 2500 hp at takeoff and 2,700 hp on the short-term emergency conditions.

Now the "Progress" is preparing to ship the production version of the Ka-52, Mi-34C1 — light helicopter, the Ka-62 — the average multi-purpose helicopter.

Final assembly. Here you can see the Ka-52 in nearly finished form.

The process of building a helicopter from the manufacture of the first part before the start of flight testing takes about 9 months. In the workshop, the final assembly of a plurality of parts, components and assemblies, including the latest VK-2500 engines, developing capacity for emergency power up to 2400 hp, gyro-stabilized optronic station GOES-452 radar system "Crossbow-52" navigation system, radio communication equipment of the complex, a complex of self-defense, a complex emergency escape vehicle, and many other important systems and created the Ka-52.

Multi-purpose all-weather combat helicopter Ka-52 "Alligator" — a double modification of shock Ka-50. Designed for a wide variety of combat missions day and night at any time of the year with the use of all weapons of Ka-50. This army aviation command vehicle, designed to increase the effectiveness of group of combat helicopters.

The Ka-52 coaxial differs from its predecessor extended forward fuselage and a double cabin crew, pilot ejection seats which are located "side by side". Piloting a helicopter can carry two pilots without restrictions. Armored cabin.

The helicopter is suitable for use in an educational version. High flight data coaxial machine combined with unique maneuverability allow the Ka-52 perform combat maneuvers in a small volume of airspace for training advantageous attacking position in the shortest possible time.

A large number of variants of weapons is achieved by placing on the right side of the gun rapid-moving, as well as six hard points under the wings in various combinations of anti-tank, rockets, missiles, "air", small arms and cannon weapons container type and bombs of various caliber. Combat power weapons "Alligator" is not inferior to the Ka-50 and surpasses all other existing combat helicopters. The total mass of weapons on underwing holders is 2000 kg.

Experienced prototype Ka-52 by 85% is based on the "Black Shark". The designers have tried to potyazhelevshy per tonne helicopter has not lost the unique combat skills Ka-50. In contrast, the two-seater Ka-52 there are more opportunities in a night battle, he is now able to work as a group in constant contact with ground controllers. This helicopter is the first time in the world can go into combat against an aerial target.

The next stage after the helicopter assembly — Test, go to the LIS (flight test station) and we find out that the flights that day, unfortunately, have been canceled.

Many thanks to the press service of the plant for any pictures. They will be here for completeness:






That’s it, let’s go back to the checkpoint and once again pass by "open-air museum. "Let them be too!

In 2006, the administration and the Duma Arsenevsky urban district as well as the leadership of the AAC "Progress" joint decision on the establishment of the Far East in Arsenyev Aviation Museum.

On display is manufactured by the factory anti-ship missiles P-270 "Mosquito" — Soviet / Russian low-altitude supersonic anti-ship cruise missile with a ramjet propulsion system.
ASM "Mosquito" is a part of missile systems designed to destroy surface ships with a displacement of up to 20 000 tonnes from the naval battle groups, amphibious compounds convoys and single ships, as Displacement and hydrofoils and hovercraft in a modern and advanced means of fire and electronic countermeasures to enemy fire range from 10 to 120 km (along a low trajectory) and 250 km (at high altitude flight profile).

Very interesting exhibit — Helicopter Mi-24A.

And here is the modification Mi-24, more natural to the eye :) This technique is also used in the armed conflict in Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Chad, Iraq.

Always liked the "Dragonfly" muz

The same was seen in the museum is another interesting exhibit — Snowmobile Ka-30.

Snowmobile — motor vehicle not equipped with a transmission. It moves through pusher propeller driven internal combustion engine. Simply put, located behind the screw rotates and causes the sled to slide on skis in the snow or on floats on water. Usually snowmobile used aircraft engines and screws.

Since the 20’s snowmobile was built in the Soviet Union for the development of the North and the military needs. In the late 50’s made dozens of sled "Sever-2" using the cab and car body parts "Victory". In 1962, at the "Progress" began to develop snowmobiles "Ka-30" better meet the set requirements, using modern for those years of design solutions. Their production company "Dalmashzavod" in Komsomolsk-on-Amur mastered in 1966, and the annual output was 25-30 cars. In the production of "Ka-30" used in aviation technology, developed in OKB NI Kamov.

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