Production of passenger cars in March, up 15%

According to Rosstat, in the I quarter of 2012, the Russian assembly descended 450,000 cars — this is by 18.6% more than the year before. Thus, in March, was released on 172,000 vehicles, up 15% compared to a year ago. The growth in production was provided in the main producers of cars.

The leader of the Russian car industry — AvtoVAZ — at the end of last month released the 50257 cars — 12% less than the year before. As analysts of "AUTOSTAT", since May of last year, the company shows a decline in output, due to the transfer of production of Lada 2107 on the Izhevsk plant, modernization of the main conveyor, as well as some reduction in demand for cars Lada in connection with the termination of the utilization program. The most popular model on the assembly line in March, AvtoVAZ remains Lada Kalina, whose release was 13436 vehicles, occupying 26.7% of the total output. It should also be noted that the production of sedans Lada Granta, which began in late November last year, in March, reached 10,192 units. In addition, the assembly line "IzhAuto" last month got away in 1307 Lada cars 2107.

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