Production of sandwich panels polyurethane (PUR, PIR) continuous method is running in the suburban Schyolkovo

October 24, 2012 the opening ceremony of the new plant Company ProfHolod for the production of energy-efficient wall and roof sandwich panels filled with polyurethane foam and flame retardant PUR polyisocyanurate PIR. Capacity is 2.5 million square meters of sandwich panels per year (10% of the total market of sandwich panels of the Russian Federation).

The properties of polyurethane sandwich panels said in his speech, commercial director of "ProfHolod" Sergei Tokmakov: "1 square meter ProfHolod sandwich panel thickness of 10 cm weighs only 12 kg, and by insulating characteristics corresponds to the masonry of 1.5 meters thick. The filler foam — an environmentally friendly material with a high level of fire safety. Foam does not absorb moisture, is not exposed to rodents and mold. The service life of polyurethane foam — more than 50 years. Panels with PIR withstand temperatures up to 140 ° C, and a PUR — 100 ° C ». In the production of sandwich panels ProfHolod company uses PUR foam and flame retardant polyisocyanurate PIR, which are made using a unique formulation designed specifically concern Dow Chemical with all the features of innovative production line PuMa (Italy).

During the tour of the plant technical specialists ProfHolod work showed the guests the most modern in Russia continuous production line PuMa (Italy). The line has a length of 180 meters and allows the sandwich panel with a thickness of 40 to 200 mm at a speed of 15 meters per minute.

The first packet of roofing sandwich panels filled with flame-retardant polyisocyanurate PIR (fire resistance RE30 GOST 30247.0-94, 30247.1-94) came off the assembly line of the new plant after half an hour after the start line. In the first of a new sandwich panel plant ProfHolod guests had a friendly wishes of the company.

  • Plant ProfHolod
  • Plant ProfHolod

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