Production of smoked fish increased by 6.8%

In I six months of 2013 compared to the same period last year, production of fish (except herring) smoked increased by 6.8%, or 1.8 million tons to 28.5 million tons. 

During this period, the proportion of smoked fish in the total production of fish has remained the same as last year — 1.6%. In the structure of the fish smoked fish smoked occupied — 83.7% or 23.8 thousand tons, and the fish are smoked — 16.3% or 4.6 million tonnes.

In the structure of production of smoked fish accounted for the bulk of the pink salmon, chum and sockeye cold and hot smoked salmon and smoked trout, smoked catfish, smoked mackerel, smoked oil, smoked halibut.

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