Production of SSJ 100, KnAAPO and Knafo: it was (2006) and became (2012)


Riveting machines Brotje now — photo 10.04.2012 

Place under Brotje, 2006:

"Excavation" on a milling machine Forest-Line, 30.01.2006:

Forest-Line now:

2011, photo by Sergey shares:

Back in 2006: a device for assembling panels SUNGLASSES:

Pit under the pulling-press:

How much is done:

And the panel to 95039:

Five years ago, in 2007 — the first SSJ 100 stands alone in the corner:

And today, 10 April 2012 — 7 SSJ 100 TsOSe:

And 3 SSJ 100 in the former paint brushes:

95017 and 95018 in the final assembly shop:

Photos from the personal archives of Olga Kayukova.

Beginning in 2014, plans to produce 60 aircraft per year.

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