Production of the Su-34 in the NAPO. VP Chkalov. Novosibirsk (2012)


Slava Stepanov


Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association named. Chkalov ("Chkalov factory") — one of the largest Russian aircraft manufacturing enterprises, part of the company "Sukhoi". In the early 90’s at the plant began the development of multi-purpose aircraft system SU-34. In December 1993, test pilots IV Votintsev and EG Howler monkeys raised in the sky of the first prototype from the factory airfield. Since 2006, the beginning of the serial supply of these machines in the Russian Air Force.

The Su-34 is capable of speeds up to 1.9 thousand kilometers per hour to fly up to 4,000 kilometers. Combat radius of the machine is 1.1 thousand kilometers.
Bomber armed with 30-millimeter cannon and has 12 points of the suspension of a hinged arms weighing up to 8 tons.

Western analysts still can not classify this plane.
It is called a "multi-role fighter", the "fighter-bomber."

Panorama shop unit assembly of Su-34

Plot panel assembly glider

Assembling frames

Docking of individual units

Assembling the head of the fuselage
Cabin crew performed using titanium armor (thickness up to 17 mm), Armour also supply tank aircraft.

The fuselage is tested for leaks (a process called "sprinkling")

This photo is visible long "tail boom." At first I thought it was a brake parachute container, but it turned out that he was a little ahead and is retractable, and placed in a beam radar rearview and APU (auxiliary power unit).

In sprinkler chamber

Panorama final assembly shop.

Installation of systems and equipment

On the creation of aircraft in NAPO employs more than 6000 workers and professionals

The average age of the basic structure of the plant workers and professionals today is 25 to 40 years.

The collector of aircraft today is the most in demand in the enterprise specialty.

The mechanism of control tail

When the fuselage is ready, proceed to business systems and installers of equipment in their hands which the machine becomes a "living" organism, acquiring all necessary systems.

Creating parts and assembly units of aircraft design and technological management of databases, finance and human resources, accounting software industrial site material and storage resources are made exclusively by means of software products.

Watch with a hint (AM — PM)

The aircraft used for the cover of Action strike aircraft, conducting electronic warfare systems to the Georgian air defenses.
According to the most dangerous RES air defense system "Buk" and C-125 Su-34 anti-radar missiles hit her. During the combat use of the Su-34 destroyed a key Georgian 36D6-M radar station near the village of Shavshvebi under Gori.

In March 2012, a contract was signed for the supply of 92 Russian Air Force Su-34 until the end of 2020
This is an additional contract to a contract in 2008 to supply 32 Su-34.

The cost of one of the Su-34 is about 1 billion rubles.

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