Production of world-class

The new business area of "CHKPZ" (Chelyabinsk Forge-and-Press Plant) will be in demand around the world. On the basis of its own repair production plant was able to create a new line: "The production and modernization of forging equipment."


Today in the CIS such companies simply do not have, but in the whole world — a few dozen, while the demand for these services is high. There is a new trend in the process of modernizing and upgrading its own facilities that served the European company, parallel teaching CHKPZ repairmen. As a result, today the plant itself has received orders from the company to perform a number of works, whereby European partners were able to increase their volume and increase their own profitability — Chelyabinsk forces professionals to carry out these activities more profitable!

Positive examples of successful modernization of forging is already there, in one of the giants of Russian machine-building — the Kirov Plant, St. Petersburg. In a joint project OOO "Russian forging plants" experts CHKPZ spent re-forging capacity of Petersburg on a few hundred million rubles, now in the final stage of the work. Through this work, this production has turned for the Kirov plant from unprofitable areas into a profitable, growing business.

Now at JSC "CHKPZ" there are other orders in this area, as a whole for the next year will get no less than 300 million rubles. income.

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